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Gauhati High Court gives bail to an IIT student accused of rape, calls him “state’s future asset”
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/306490 > The IIT is a fucking cult

At some restaurant in Mumbai, fitting given the state of this sublemmy too

Views on Indian Budget
What are your views on Indian Budget? Surprisingly market didn't dip this time with Nirmala Sitharaman's presentation!

Gantantra divas ki shubhkaamnaaen aapko
Maine aap sabhi Bhartiyon ke liye chand lavz likhe hai. Aasha hai aapko pasand aae.

"India scripts history. We are witnessing the triumph of Indian science, enterprise and collective spirit of 130 crore Indians. Congrats India on crossing 100 crore vaccinations. Gratitude to our doctors, nurses and all those who worked to achieve this feat," Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.

Factors that led to India’s spectacular performance in global innovation indexes
India ranked 46th in the Global Innovation Index 2021 endorsing its presence in the global innovation economy. India was at 81st place in the 2015 report and has steadily improved its ranking in the last six years.

India at Tokyo Olympics
🥇 Neeraj Chopra 🥈 Mirabai Chanu 🥈 Ravi Kumar Dahiya 🥉 PV Sindhu 🥉 Lovlina Borgohain 🥉 Men's Hockey 🥉 Bajrang Punia

[Government of India response](https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1397893439560114179) [Delhi Police Response](https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1397883860025704449) [Some background on Congress Toolkit](https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/what-is-the-congress-toolkit-controversy-all-you-need-to-know/articleshow/82761578.cms) From Delhi Police’s statement, “Delhi police registered preliminary inquiry at the complaint filed by the representative of the Indian National Congress. Hence, efforts by Twitter that portray it as an FIR filed at the behest of the Government of India is wholly and completely incorrect. Twitter declared that the toolkit was ‘Manipulated Media’, this clearly shows that it was acquainted with the facts of the case & had material information relevant to the probe. Hence, Twitter was asked to join the inquiry to provide the information it possesses”

Should we setup a bot which repost from /r/india?
Seeing low activity here, I was thinking of creating a bot which can bring content from /r/india. Here's what I have in mind: 1. Every hour, post top 30 posts from /r/india to /c/india 2. Also cross-post comments from all the posts we cross-post i.e if someone posts a comment on reddit, post it here; and if someone responds to a comment here, re-post it on appropriate thread in reddit What do guys think? Is it a good idea? In my mind it can help break content monopoly of reddit.

How is this the “official” community for a country community?
Is it supported as one by the lemmy dev team?

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    India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by area, and the most populous democracy in the world.
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