International matches need to be available on demand
I appreciate that makes associate cricket streams available (even if streaming on [#YouTube]( would be so much better). However, why do they only have live streaming of full matches, and not video on demand? Especially with [#sports]( like [#cricket]( that is so International, being able to avoid spoilers and watch later would be so much better. As an [#American]( I'm so tired as I've been up in the middle of the night to watch cricket way too much lately. One of the many things I really appreciate about matches that are streamed on [#ESPN+](, they we are already paying for anyway as part of our [#Disney+]( bundle. !

Will we finally look at seperating athletics from education?
The only reason there is any concern here is due to the North American problem of linking sports with higher education. This would never happen in the rest of the world where private clubs, not public schools, are where amature athletics thrive. as an American sports fan I demand [#SeperationOfSchoolAndSport]( [#Sports](

An increasingly unpopular owner. I guess all the booing Yankees fans gave him the last time he appeared at the stadium got under his skin a little bit.

These are video Game Scores!
[\#England]( 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 121 - 0 [#Ireland]( ☘️ [#RLWC2021]( [#wheelchair]( ♿ [#Rugby]( 🏉 [#League]( 🏅 [Rugby Leauge Wheelchair World Cup: Round 3 full Report]( [#sports](

Where to stream Rugby Leauge World Cup
any recommendations on where I can access a stream for the Canada- Papua New Guinea Women's Rugby League World Cup match this afternoon (ET)? I'm interested in watching, but not interested enough to give Fite.Tv $100 to do so.

Down to the wire - great series.

How good is this? Last week it was the southern teams taking out the wins, this second tests Ireland/England/Wales/Scotland beat New Zealand/Australia/South Africa/Argentina respectively to level the series going into the final round.

GG Ireland! Esp after the Wallabies managed to beat England with only 14 men last weekend.

Back by popular demand :D State of Origin is a best of three Rugby League competition held between two teams of representatives made up of league players from the State of Queensland and the State of New South Wales in Australia. This looks to have set up a cracker of a final. Rugby League is similar to Rugby Union, and both are nothing like Aussie Rules.

All things in the world of sports, from trade rumors to milestones to Finals and more.

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