• @admin Overall these scaling struggles could be a nice reminder to be more conscious about one’s personal activity on social media:

    - Settle and commit on the website you like the most, support it financially as one’s pledge of membership
    - Nurture the culture you want to be part of
    - Grow its quality content; write more meaningful posts; delete your own clutter; mute noise – especially with pictures and vids

          •  poVoq   ( @poVoq@slrpnk.net ) 
            11 months ago

            I think it is more of an awareness raising question. I think people are often unaware that image storage at scale (and conversion indeed) incurs some real costs.

            Linking to external image hosts like it used to be common during the forum days is also discouraged by many as too often these broke over the years and also since they are a privacy concern with Facebook buying up places like giffy for user tracking purposes.

            I don’t think there is any real solution (but maybe some short term band-aids for deduplication) other than people being a bit more aware about their internet use. It’s a bit like in real-life with plastic wrappings ;)