A comment by the EFF: “People coming from Twitter tend to think of the fediverse as a Twitter-replacement […] but that’s only a fraction of its potential. The question isn’t if the fediverse can replace Twitter … With enough momentum the fediverse can be the fabric of the social web, incorporating existing systems like Tumblr and Medium and outright replacing stragglers.”

  • Cool that the EFF is such a big fedi fan.

    I really like the fediverse, mainly mastodon, lemmy and peertube as they are, but I am even more hyped for what might come afterwards. It’ll be better the more successful they are, it can be great. Maybe these services won’t need you to host a server anymore (p2p), or will have better encryption, etc pp. Just clawing these services away from the big corporations is a win anyways :)

  • While I agree with the EFF that the fediverse could become “the fabric of the social web”, I think this article is slightly off. Their argument is about the fediverse and how it’s based on ActivityPub and so could be used for many different types of interactions. But they were arguing against the idea that mastodon is a failed twitter clone. I think the article they’re replying to is right; mastodon is a twitter clone that misses what hardcore twitter users like about it. Everything the EFF wrote about the fediverse is right, but that has nothing to do with whether mastodon is a decent twitter alternative or not becuase mastodon is not the fediverse.