Artists produce their best work when left alone, right? I always thought so, but this video essay explores how not-very-talented corporations bring the best out of showrunners like Dan Harmon, James Gunn, and Mitch Hurwitz. “Streaming services?” More like “stupid…services.” Ha, I showed them. Thank you & bye bye! Socials - I rarely use them but what if one day I do? How can you miss out on the idea of a potential tweet from a random YouTuber you barely know? ► ► Music credit: -Be Thankful for What You Got instrumental cover (FERGUNIZED) -In My Shadow (Harris Heller) -At Least It Was Here instrumental remake (Y.L.A. Productions) -Brave As A Noun karaoke (Peareoke) -Buzz Buzz’s Prophesy (Earthbound)
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Human society and cultural news, studies, and other things of that nature. From linguistics to philosophy to religion to anthropology, if it’s an academic discipline you can most likely put it here.

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