Book Recommendation - Less is More
I'd like to share a book here which I've recently read that helped me development a new world view for myself. The book, written by the economic anthropologist Jason Hickel, is called: *"Less is More - How Degrowth Will Save The World"* Although the subtitle only mentions Degrowth, it's much more than that. In the first half of the book, Hickel mostly talks about the history of Capitalism, its character and why it fails in regards to true sustainability and equality. The book may focus on climate change and how we should combat it with Degrowth but the author also takes on other issues, such as the global North-South divide. In the second half, he presents his solution which is called "Degrowth". Degrowth is fundamentally about getting rid of excessive economic growth and the profit-driven mindset of Capitalism for a more sustainable and just world. The book is very well written, down-to-earth and easy to understand with fleshed out, rational arguments and explanations. So, if any of you have some time to read and are interested in the topic then I highly recommend giving this book a try!

I took this as an audit few years ago (not completed), and the part about conformity and groupthink actually made me contemplate about my religious stance. I can't entirely vouch for the consistence of the findings, but I think it introduce a lot of interesting social and psychological concepts. Another course I would recommend is Science of Everyday Thinking (EdX), which explains various biases and flaws in our decision making and how science incorporates preventions of these.

r/AskBibleScholars - What does the bible really say about homosexuality?
Here is, yet, another person that has reached out to scholars. I've seen this so many times in my involvement with [AcademicBiblical]( and [AskBibleScholars]( The general field of study is, obviously, humanities. And it goes without saying, if very bright people (possibly millions of people through academic institutions) dedicate a large portion of their lives to this, then it would behoove us to pay attention. Whatever lies, misinformation, propaganda, etc that you may have been bombarded with must come into question. Do you care about humanity? The aforementioned people that contribute to this field of study, for the most part, do care and want to contribute to all of us.

Human society and cultural news, studies, and other things of that nature. From linguistics to philosophy to religion to anthropology, if it’s an academic discipline you can most likely put it here.

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