Suppose an insect’s body gets upside down and their wings get attached to the surface due to water drops? What can a human do to help them without damaging their wings or body?

  • My priority would be to help the insect dry while avoiding applying much force on the insect. I would use some highly absorbent material that does not produce much fluff - like a microfiber cloth, and try to dry the area around the wings and as close to the wings as possible. I would then put the cloth right by its legs and see if the insect can hold onto it and lift itself up.

    Another option would be to try to make its surroundings as safe as posible, blocking direct sunlight but letting air flow, and then wait for the insect to dry. But if the drying is too slow the insect might hurt itself or run out of energy if it gets agitated.

    It is a delicate situation. I have had some similar situations with insects falling into the pool and then trying to get them dry. Sometimes the insects do lose a wing in the process, or even lose it in the water before I find them.