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I find this fascinating because of how opposite it was to my last experience being prescribed opioids. About 6 years ago now I broke my toe while preparing dorms for move-in day and dropped a bed frame on my foot. I slightly fractured by big toe. To help with that pain, they gave me a 30-day prescription for Vicodin. It was absolutely absurd. I ended up using extra-strength ibuprofen because of my past medical history but I still had those 30 Vicodin in hand for as long as I wanted them.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, many people (myself included) are playing catch-up on learning the history of the region. When talking to a coworker currently living in Ukraine, they sent me this article as a good summary text that is in english. If others have good resources I would love to read them.

Riot has a history of poor treatment for workers, especially marginalized groups. They recently just settled a $100m lawsuit over it. And Gaywallet is also correct that League has one of the most toxic communities in gaming (at least that I’ve experienced). If I was guessing why, it has a lot to do with how complicated League is and how beginner-unfriendly it is. The game has so many champions and concepts that you really need to understand to play the game “correctly” that it is difficult-to-impossible for a new user to learn everything they need to by themselves and the tutorials are basically useless. So you have new players who don’t understand the game through no fault of their own being thrown into games with a very toxic community that prioritizes winning over fun or “treating your teammates like people”. Its a bad system that fails everyone involved. There’s a lot more to it that gets involved with the nuances of the different queues and such but I believe that gets across the biggest issues. I still watch League eSports because the game is theoretically really really fun, but the community pushed me out of playing and my involvement with eSports is mostly limited to watching and maybe discussions on Discord servers for a team.

To offer an opposing view to Gaywallet, despite all of this I still play Riot’s games. I totally understand where they are coming from and support them in their decision. If someone doesn’t want to support Riot they aren’t going to get any pushback from me on it. Anecdotally, I have friends who work at Riot in various departments and they have said that since the original story broke they have noticed a distinct change in company culture. It is still a long way from perfect and who knows if the improvements are only temporary, but its the closest I’ve seen to actual change from a major game studio with a scandal.

Have you tried playing Valorant? I’m not usually an FPS player but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much fun I have been having playing. I play deathmatch a fair amount and I don’t think there are that many shotgun rushers, and there definitely aren’t in the Spike game mode.

I feel like Destiny was the closest I’ll ever get to seeing peak WoW grinding in real life. I didn’t play WoW or know anyone who did growing up so I just heard about it from media. Destiny came out when I was in college and I can remember some of my teammates would be scheduling time between classes or skipping classes in order to do what I understand were basically raids? They weren’t ever really playing anything crazy or new. They were just grinding out resources to get more and more rare items. They did that from the time the game came out until they graduated. I know at least one of them is doing the same on Destiny 2. I hope Bungee gets away from that. Its a valid type of gameplay that I know other people like but it just isn’t for me. I don’t have the time or attention span for that type of game anymore.

Came across this while online today. I never really thought about the history of holidays or named months. I learned a lot from this and figured others also might not know!

I thought this was an interesting interview. I'm going to do a bit of research and maybe I'll buy the book. I would love to hear if what the author describes resonates with people from India.

T1 Disqualified from NA Valorant Challengers Tour for Cheating
After picking up popular in-game leader Steel from 100 Thieves, T1 was highly ranked going into the NA Challengers Tour. Midway through the second map of TSM vs T1 the game was paused after TSM Subroza tweeted mid-game that T1 had a coach illegally comm-ing in game. After investigation, it appears this was true. Hopefully we get more details about what exactly happened. I wonder how this will effect the careers of the T1 players.