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Not even remotely good or anything but I'm glad I did it. Related: [Make Something Month](https://beehaw.org/post/144513)

I see. I at least have one menu that I want to make (french toast). I’ll put that on my list-to-do then ahahah

I'm gonna say something unpopular right now: netizens are dehumanizing Ned and Alex over their legal right of private affairs (although yes it's probably in breach of company contract), and I think a rule similar to hate speech rule should be placed to protect everyone involved (not just Ned and Alex but also Ariel, Will, kids, Try Guys staff, etc).

A drawing dogmatically taught to students in Indonesia, revealing a huge problem in Indonesian education system.

Another [source](https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-08-31-a-young-peruvian-trans-dies-in-bali-after-being-detained-at-the-airport.Byx7Tr2ys.html) gives more details about the murkiness of the situation.

Taken from [Tildes' post](https://tildes.net/~science/12uz/swedish_researcher_svante_p%C3%A4%C3%A4bo_has_won_this_years_nobel_prize_for_physiology_or_medicine)

That’s a great question actually. From what I know, biological evolution somehow shapes human into two sexual classifications that lead to the division of subsistence, which creates social identity and people just extrapolate from there. Now with the rising egalitarianism in workfield and findings of various sex spectra, they at least need an update aren’t they?

I’m still not sure what to make. I really want to make digital arts such as animations, songs via DAW, but

  1. I’ve tried those with unsatisfactory results (via open-source programs, and actually via Fancade but it’s not really meant for those stuff), and I felt the learning curve is really high.

  2. I already viewed devices too much.

Cooking is also on the table, but from previous experience, it is actually quite stressful especially if it’s not delicious (similar to driving). Microwave cooking doesn’t seem a good accomplishment either loll (I don’t have an oven here, so no cook-and-leave, except maybe if I buy slow cooker). A possible reference that I have is this subreddit.

Growing a plant (the low-maintenance one) is an option too, overlapping with attempts to improve my mental health. But I’m still not fixed on things yet.

Have you tried restarting the browser or deleting the cookies and stuff?

“God bless Johnson & Johnson” 😂

Other findings: * [Does MSG make people thirsty? - Reddit AskCulinary (one paper attached on the top comment)](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskCulinary/comments/eybnax/does_msg_make_people_thirsty/) * [Does MSG cause headaches?](https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/msg-headache) * [Basic taste are anything but basic](https://sites.psu.edu/psychedaboutfoodscience/2016/03/11/basic-tastes/)

Yeah I agree that the other people’s help should be just a supplement for the awareness to clean-up if things get messy (since the first few steps are often really hard).

What happens behind the correlation is quite tentative (I need to look more carefully about the research designs). But the examples you mention might be just a case of “in spite of being disorganized, the work quality is still high enough”, or otherwise “being busy”.

I feel very difficult about this topic, since many of LGBT members (at least in my home country) seem to smoke or vape (and by default I as a non-smoker tend to avoid smokers due to second-hand exposure).

You can check out his other (mostly piano and song cover) music.

Inspired from someone artistic I met today. It's not too fancy or anything but really nice to know :D This is the [smaller, 16 page version of it](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ0mpDjcqUY)

Everything looks noble until you realize we live in a capitalist world 😪

Yup, and I think it’s alright since this is more like a somewhat-artistic attempt

When I first saw the trailer I was like “oh nice”. I never thought the implication would be this far… #i_aint_cryin_you_cryin

You know what, [hurricanes should not be named after people](https://imgur.io/gallery/JZbgx) * Inspired from [this post](https://beehaw.org/post/136946) * If the page access is restricted by area, VPN can handle it

I mean, what do you expect from an entity with two blue-balls trying to hold its desire? At least with Meta, they’re gonna lust over those metadata oooh

From my brief internet seaarch, I only found (I think from Neurosurgia journal) that cognitive empathy starts to develop among girls at 13 and boys at 15, and there is some brief time period (13-16) where boys may experience decreased affective empathy, possibly due to early testosterone influx.

I took this as an audit few years ago (not completed), and the part about conformity and groupthink actually made me contemplate about my religious stance. I can't entirely vouch for the consistence of the findings, but I think it introduce a lot of interesting social and psychological concepts. Another course I would recommend is Science of Everyday Thinking (EdX), which explains various biases and flaws in our decision making and how science incorporates preventions of these.

Competition and cooperation are usually understood as components of biological evolution. I was just wondering if altruism (similar to cooperation but doesn’t seem to benefit the individual) can also be explained, or it is rather merely a dogma to preserve the society.

I just had a talk with someone (an Australian high school teacher) about non-western history electives which he teaches and are recently added to the curriculum (considering the young timeline of Australia, some people living under White-Australian policy are still alive today). He said - which I agree - that students don’t need to approve what those countries are doing, but they need to understand the situations that form their decisions and philosophies.

I believe in cuteness equality for cats