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Does that include any server that has “yes” in the signups column?

If you read the linked article you would know how that is meant.

As I pointed out in your other thread about this, Atomic Frontier.

Besides some already mentioned, I suggest Atomic Frontier.

I think we need far more context to give you a useful answer.

It is a guy on Twitter making a joke on the pol situation in the US:

That man attempted a coup and they letting him run for President again. There’s stricter rules at Planet Fitness.

A bit off-topic, but that thread was posted on while you link to on Beehaw. I can now see how Fedizens confuse other people. ;-)

I am currently typing on it. In English it is fine thus far (even on Dutch QWERTY instead of English default), but I still have to test Dutch.

So, this made me install and enable anysoftkeyboard. Let’s see whether it functionally does what it needs to as well.

Perhaps including the water needed for growing what they eat? Just a guess.

And while I saw this post last night, I am only “getting” it now (after some sleep). I now feel bad for not getting this week’s worst dad joke.

I noticed the article used “nuclear” as a noun a few times. I guess that is to be expected.

The Falconeer (good Indie game, btw). I definitely would not be able to fly on the back of large birds dogfighting with others doing the same. I would not fare well as a sailor either (another big sector of the game world’s economy, at least when considering what NPCs are often doing). So I would be stuck on one of the countless islands not really making a living. Indeed there is the Mancer Order, who have a lot of workplaces in archives, libraries etc. (besides more manual labour) but unless they make good enough spectacles (their tech is still not ours) I would not be of much use to them either.

  • Modern History TV (mixed military and civilian history, unlike name seems to suggest mostly medieval history)
  • Knyght Errant (not actively uploading currently)
  • Drachinifel (focus on naval military history)

Not entirely sure whether this video fits well here, but I wanted to share. Sorry for copying the original title, the video is about whether the Azores were truly discovered first by the Portuguese (they probably weren't).