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I’ve seen horror movies that start out like this.

It’s fascinating to me how much we can learn from a telescope.

Heh. “I gotta see what I post next!”

I can see my Beehaw account on Mastodon. Very cool.

It’s a crazy time with the massive influx of people.

Despite the article’s title, I can’t imagine that it was ever ad money well spent.

I did get it mixed up. I meant former.


It’s either things calming down a bit or the calm before the storm. Hopefully the latter. Some normalcy would be refreshing.

“People probably want to hear that it’s been great—all this growth and success—but I would prefer to be watching from the sidelines. There is more work, there are more fires to put out. It’s incredibly stressful. I’m pulling 14-hour workdays, sleeping very little, and eating very little.”

I hope he’s not going to burn out.

An increasingly unpopular owner. I guess all the booing Yankees fans gave him the last time he appeared at the stadium got under his skin a little bit.

I’m seeing more news organizations starting up too and even a US Congressman. People are definitely discovering the Fediverse. I’m new too and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to give it a chance.