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More than two-thirds of Americans want to stop changing their clocks
> A study in the journal [Current Biology](https://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(22)01615-3) predicts that year-round daylight saving time could prevent 36,550 deer deaths, 33 human deaths, 2,054 human injuries and $1.19 billion in collision costs annually.

> Her doctor advised her parents to institutionalize her when it was clear that she would never be able to walk. “Institutionalization was the status quo in 1949,” she wrote. “Kids with disabilities were considered a hardship, economically and socially.” When Judy attempted to enter kindergarten, the principal blocked her family from entering the school, labeling her a “fire hazard.”

>20 Fonts, 2022 test participants, each font evaluated 16,800 times each over 7,000 study hours. >seeing Times New Roman performing better than any of the fonts recommended for dyslexia casts doubt both on their accessibility claims and also the common belief that serifs are bad news. >One last thing to note is that Helvetica never found itself anywhere near the top 5, which shows 2 things. Users were not clicking on what they see every day, and as it performed particularly badly with both dyslexic and vision impaired participants, maybe as a font we can finally say for certain that it is not fit for any digital environment.

The European Space Agency wants to give the moon its own time zone
> For now, a moon mission runs on the time of the country that is operating the spacecraft. European space officials said an internationally accepted lunar time zone would make it easier for everyone, especially as more countries and even private companies aim for the moon and NASA gets set to send astronauts there. H/T [@makeworld@merveilles.town](https://merveilles.town/@makeworld)

> Medieval texts, from Islamic medical treatises to Christian books of miracles, reveal surprisingly varied and complex experiences of blindness. But when medieval scholar Jude Seal experienced visual impairment themselves, they gained an even deeper understanding of the lives that they were studying. H/T [@JudeSeal@historians.social](https://historians.social/@JudeSeal)

A front end engineer designs and checks a website for accessibility, only to find that testers with disabilities use completely different methods to navigate the website. >Testing your product for accessibility yourself will never compare with testing with real users. Even if you have a disability yourself. > >Test for accessibility with automated tools, test manually yourself, then *test with people with disabilities*. H/T [@Jessbudd@noc.social](https://noc.social/@Jessbudd)