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I'm submitting this to Humanities instead of Technology, because I believe this is less about social media and more about online communities. > Because that’s what we have to do. Be each other’s pen pals. Talk. Share. Welcome. Care. And just keep moving. Stay nimble. Maybe we have to roll the internet back a little and go back to blogs and decentralized groups and techy fiddling and real-life conventions and idealists with servers in their closets. Back to Diaryland and Minnesota and grandiose usernames and thoughts that take ever so much more than 280 characters to express. That’s okay. We can do that. We know how. We’re actually really good at it. Love things and love each other. We’re good at that, too. Protect the vulnerable. Make little things. Wear electric blue eyeshadow. Take a picture of your breakfast. Overthink *Twin Peaks*. Get angry. Do revolutions. Find out what Buffy character you are. Don’t get cynical. Don’t lose joy. Be *us*. Because us is what keeps the light on when the night comes closing in. Us doesn’t have a web address. We are wherever we gather. Mastodon, Substack, Patreon, Dreamwidth, AO3, Tumblr, Discord, even the ruins of Twitter, even Facebook and Instagram and Tiktok, god help us all. Even Diaryland. > > ... > > Stop buying things and start talking to each other. They’ve always known that was how they lose.

Oh, that’s an idea… I wish I could write scripts myself.

As I identify as ace and don’t think highly of communism, I doubt it.

I’m guilty of not commenting much here on Beehaw, or on Lemmy in general. As a long-time lurker on Reddit, I’ve seen too many examples of pointless arguments in comment threads, with real jerks throwing around fallacies. As someone new on Beehaw, I didn’t want to start any fights in the comments, and so I didn’t reply to any comments to my posts.

Then I realized that someone had deleted their comment to one of my posts, where they asked a genuine question, and I felt awful for not replying to them sooner.

I think some of us here have been burned by Reddit, either by reading a long thread full of awful people or by arguing with the wrong person. So we forget that this isn’t Reddit anymore… it’s Beehaw, where the mods do an excellent job of keeping people on topic and keeping jerks out.

Personally, I’m going to try and reply to commentors more. I apologize if sometimes I think I don’t have anything meaningful to say, so I don’t reply to your comment.

Piped and LibreTube were slow for me when I tried them recently, but that’s probably because I’m using the main instance. Which instances do you recommend?

Yeah, I’m giving the commentor above you the long side-eye.

You can ask the mods to create the community for you.

SchildiChat is a fork of Element that changes how chats look so they’re in message bubbles.

Good Design Is Intentional | Humane by Design
> Think about this story in the context of the digital products that are commonplace today. We have apps to cater to our needs in every variety: ordering a ride, ordering a meal, or streaming an entire season of our favorite show is a few taps away. Goods of any kind can be at our doorstep within 24 hours. We don’t even need to go to the grocery anymore – there’s a service and app for that as well. These products provide convenience at a cost we are willing to accept, but what about their intentionality? Intention requires the foresight to think beyond short-term gain to anticipate long-term consequences. Are any of the products that we use today to make our lives more convenient planting their metaphorical oak grove in anticipation for when things fail or cause inadvertent harm?

I use RSS.

The adverb is not your friend.

It probably means, “don’t use adverbs all the time.” (I’m guilty of too many adverbs in my writing.)

Simple Truths About Personal Websites · Matthias Ott
Some things to remember for your own personal website.

Here is an interesting blog post from Simone Silvestroni. Is your online account authentic to who you are?

Thank you for the link to the GitHub issue! I’ve found that the article I’ve linked has also been updated with mention of the issues with the search filters.

Note: From the time since I originally posted this link, [DuckDuckGo has clarified the status of search filters](https://web.archive.org/web/20230425085511/https://help.duckduckgo.com/duckduckgo-help-pages/results/syntax/), and the article has been revised to reflect that. Thus, I've edited the Wayback Machine link to show the revised article. I apologize for any confusion, and I hope this clears things up!

A next generation of follow-finders
The Fediverse Report's article on new tools for finding accounts to follow on Mastodon.

The existing communities here on Beehaw have broad topics anyway, and cross-posting isn’t allowed, so you can just choose which one is the most appropriate for your post.

If you think none of the communities here apply, maybe you can try posting to communities on other instances? (Someone correct me if I’m wrong here and it’s not possible: I haven’t actually tried this.)

Please consider that Lemmy is fairly niche already. Unless the topic of the community you want to create is popular enough to gain interest, it’s more likely to end up dead in months.