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Contributing content to platforms … is risky

I do agree with that. However, I’d argue it’s because users often aren’t that mindful about their own data. Once you start “claiming” the rights for your data, it quickly becomes obvious that open source software provides much better offerings. Hence, you choose FOSS whenever possible.

Yes, companies are exploiting that lack of consumer knowledge and here it’s the place of government to step in and show that they (or we as in electorate) care about people’s rights in terms of data ownership. In fact, we can already see that data-rights-awareness is growing and in the next few years we may expect dramatic increase in openness of consumer data ownership.

Current society systems including economic systems driven by market/trade leads to unjust, very unequal society

There’s a lot of work to be done, that is true but I don’t see anything unresolvable in software industry. Yes, maybe only our children will see the solutions rolled out on the full scale… Yet, I hope they’re going to be as grateful to our generation as we’re to the lovely nerd community who brought the gift of open source to us through time.

we should remember to never contribute to profit-driven projects

It’s puzzling to me. I believe that without profit-driven companies there simply wouldn’t be open alternatives. In examples: without for profit encyclopedias – there would be no market for wikipedia; without Reddit – no Lemmy; without AT&T Unix – no Linux; etc

I would be interested to hear what prompted you for this arguably radical suggestion…

Yes! this is a great resource on countries regulation 👍

I also found this website quite helpful: https://www.openbankingtracker.com/ It focuses on specific banks and API aggregators

You left the society you could improve and seek to destroy the one you’re currently in. There’s no “improvement” on your part

Do you know any banks supporting Open Banking APIs?

I don’t get it. You understand that nationalizing a power plant costs money, right?

Also, keep in mind that government in any country is very inefficient, so whatever it buys or sells going to be very overpriced

  1. Fourth phase: if the country is prosperous, then it’s communism. If not, you are a capitalist scank and I’m gonna judge you from my high horse no matter what you have done to lift people out of poverty /s

Gotcha, mate. You’re fine taking credit from industrialisation and exploiting people as long as it serves the red flag but unable to accept that communism might ever fail no matter how red the flag is

It doesn’t sound convincing and probably going to enrage protesters even more…

Well, that way you’re able to follow the plot i.e. remember what’s going on and don’t need recaps

Also, if you’re travelling or have to wait for many hours, by binge watching you can make the time very manageable

I’m kinda surprised that RU forces in the pocket managed to escape with very few casualties

Although at the time there’s no info about POWs and abandoned equipment

well, let 'em have it. There are plenty of game publishers to run to the ground without much disruption to the gaming world.

Learning is not violent, but fair part of education system is.

Exploratory learning is natural and doesn’t require to subject a student to specific frames.

However forcing child to go to school, forcing child to choose a speciality is all violent.

Less violent approach would be to somehow “sell” the idea to the child. But here we end up in manipulation territory which is better but still not ideal.

I guess the main idea of viewing “violence as reduction of choices” is an exercise to identify all encompassing violence around us i.e. not taking it as a inherent status quo, even tho if it kinda is

It’s quite interesting connection between power and education of the elites, especially when the empire was at its peak 🤔

TLDR: raising a child is not “making” it. Evolution makes children, people train/raise children to adopt to society. Before raising an AI like a child, you have to build “raisable” AI

Ear plugs and soft pads under the bed feet (to help with vibration). It’s not gonna solve the problem 100% but in my experience I can sleep virtually anywhere with earplugs (provided my sleeping position is stable).

I’m getting confused all the time. Can you or can you not install other linux distro on chromebook? In other words, does linux support all the drivers for chromebook hardware?

Does google send the drivers support patches upstream to linux kernel?

Veritasium made a video about it.

TLDR: negative ions may have slight positive effects on general mental health but we can’t produce negative ions without harmful waste gas (ozon). The best way to get your dose of negative ions is go outside, preferably close to waterfalls

Might wanna read up on why Moscow is now part of Russia. Hint, they weren’t always part of Russia and was transferred by the Mongol Empire who figured that there would always be freedom of movement between them so it doesn’t really matter, kind of like how the demarcation of states in the US aren’t walls.

While you’re at it, might as well check on definition of revisionism

More info: https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/plugin-js-draw-integration/27114 More about Joplin: https://www.techradar.com/reviews/joplin