Anyone else impressive how aggressive 'are you okay' has become?
Just saw a security guard kick out a homeless guy and he begun the interaction with 'are you okay'. I've been pressured via 'are you okay' a few times. Obviously it's a different story if like your friend asks 'r you okay'. Kinda like i was watching terry from fatal fury - 'are you okay?' then ~~buster wolf~~ *kicks out guy*. I guess the fatal fury devs noticed something similar too? Similarly, i've heard god bless is sometimes an insult around texas region

It's pretty interesting how most ppl universally agree that they hate outsiders.
Do you want to bring new members to this communist org? Ppl there: No. (Hexbear) Do you want to bring new members to this irl IWW org? Ppl there: No. Do you want to bring more people to matrix? Ppl there: No (specifically redacted) Do you want to bring immigrants or refugees to this country? Ppl there: No. (rightwingers mostly) Do you want to bring a safe injection site to this city? Ppl there: No. (everyone where i live) There is one notable **exception**: CEOs. Do you want to bring more buyers to your thing? CEOs: yes. At least imo, no surprise CEOs are taking us (the ppl) to school and back.

It's surprisingly stressful to make a goal of trying to sleep
Somewhat stressful in a similar manner of making a goal of trying to meditate or to try to relax. I guess trying to sleep or meditate or relax is like the opposite of actually doing those things A mad lad told me the was trying to introspect on how the sleep process works by trying to watch how it works on himself. He told me that he barely slept that night lol

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What made you decide to join Beehaw?
I'm just bored and exploring the web. I've also taken more of an interest in privacy and open-sourced/decentralized projects. I hope that the more active these projects become, the more interest they will get, and people will leave sites like Facebook and whatnot. I want these projects to succeed :)

How is everyone doing today? [let's have a conversation]
I am drinking a very tasty coffee right now, which means that my day is going great. I don't even have work or any chores today, which is awesome.

Ways in which we could be(e) nice
IMHO, there could be thousands of ways we could uphold the overall goal of this instance. I just thought it would be a good idea to talk about it. Should we just rely on 'common sense'? I made 2 recent posts. One post on and the other on Both posts were questions. I believed that if I visited the 'most knowledgeable' forums, then I would get appropriate responses. You know, like experienced respondents providing helpful answers. That did NOT happen and this shit has been the default for several years now. I'm left with the elephant in the room: What the ever-loving fuck is going on in these forums? I've blocked more users, in this situation, than I have received useful information. I reached out to a friend and they had this to say about this shit-show: > Because, people feel challenged and fight to defend themselves any time there is a goddamn request/new insight/suggestion. > It's fucking stupid. Criticism, especially constructive, is a huge part of structuring success. I never understood why people take criticism as an insult. If you cannot answer the questions without trying to reformulate it with your answer, in order to prove your own point that is just "I am choosing to ignore your question, because ABCD," then don't reply at all. It's that simple. > Not saying anything is a trillion times easier than responding. People also love to hear themselves talk (see their responses), and hope that their position, the popular one, gains traction. > People also feel validated when their shit gets like-like-like-like. That type of social networking has STYMIED development; the development of everything. People are addicted to being agreed-with, so they try to form their opinions and ideologies based on the success of feeling patted-on-the-back rather than rocking the boat with their own opinions. > Fast answer: People want to feel a part of the popular opinion, so they change how they think themselves, and then they keep on trying to be the epitome of the popular-opinion; this stays with them their whole life. What are ways in which we could be(e) nice?

I was able to acquire a decent uncensored source of this altercation this morning. I'm posting this here for archival purposes above all else. However, feel free to talk about it as long as it remains within our rules here.

I fear that war will occur on U.S soil.
<details><summary>The <a href="">Russo-Ukrainian war</a> has brought up my fears of war again.</summary> I don't like the idea of participating a war; it seems scary and I fear dying (even though living also feels scary). I still wish that I was immune to death (but this would lead me to becoming insufferable as I age due to utilizing *all* of my neurons and start overwriting them).</details> **I currently fear that there will be war on U.S soil; because it is still possible.** I am mentally bound to my state and I am afraid of leaving it; I only left it two times. (I think it's because of my Autism.) <details><summary style="color:green;">However, <b>I also think that a war on U.S soil would have some benefits</b> that would be impossible to gain otherwise.</summary> <ul> <li>Redesign city layouts; because a lot of them still favor car-centric planning.</li> <li> Form opportunities for me to perform some work and make contributions. </li> <li> If I get caught in a war and survive, then I would be able to say that I survived a war without lying. </li> </details> I don't think I would do well as a soldier because of my echolalia and stims; I would probably try to kill myself.

How do people with ADHD manage to complete school work?
It seems as though I lost my ability to do school work.

I've felt this way for so long...

Hello. Also a question.
Hey, I saw your post on and so I just came here and created an account. I noticed that there is no downvote button. Is this a temporary decision?

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