how’s your week going, Beehaw
so far the weekend has been pretty good. currently: writing about labor stuff, also reading [this book]( it has been a pretty mild and wet spring so far which is rare for here, and i'm enjoying that while it lasts

Who can tell me how federation works between peertube servers?
cross-posted from: > Because it doesn't seem to work as I expected. > > I thought if a peertube server follows another peertube server that all the videos that the second server uploads to any channel are automatically pushed into the timeline of the first server. That doesn't seem to be the case though, I have seen multiple servers that follow each other but the videos posted on one are nowhere to be found on the other. > > Why have this servers following servers thing then? Is it just a whitelist? But if it was a whitelist I shouldn't be able to follow any accounts on other servers from an obscure pt account, which doesn't seem to be the case also. > > Soooooo, any ideas? Just bugs?

Apparently some popular vendors and brands are selling a mulch that is highly toxic to both cats and dogs. Marketed as a way to keep cats from digging up your garden, no reference is made at all to the dangers it poses to your own dogs.

Should Beehaw have a “Work” or “Antiwork” subhaw?
I've had a couple of posts that didn't really fit neatly into existing subhaws, that might be better suited to something like this, but what do people think? has Antiwork, I think, but I sometimes get a little nervous about posting things there.

Where should I post videos?
I'm on YouTube a lot. I find a cool video but it doesn't neatly fit into the current set of Beehaw communities. Where should I share it?

how’s your week going, Beehaw
currently working through [Under the Banner of Heaven]( which would be book #16 for the year; this week is likely to be a pretty quiet one for me and there's not much to immediately report

I'm just curious and don't want to break any rules is down atm
Dunno why, let's hope it recovers quickly
7 is down atm

What the fuck was CNN thinking giving Mango Mussolini a stage?
So far, he's laughed and joked about a woman's right to an abortion and called a black police officer a thug. Trump is fucking insane and a worthless piece of flesh.

A couple of months ago there where 30+ likes on meme posts etc. Nowadays it seems like posts on are upvoted more than Did this change come with the latest lemmy update that gave everyone those language errors?

Reddit's Developer Platform?

how’s your week going, Beehaw
for the most part, my sinus infection is over--still dealing with residual stuffiness and congestion, but it feels like allergies now which i can handle. currently reading [Extreme Cities]( by Ashley Dawson.

How does human (labour) trafficking differ than regular old migrant labor?
Best I can come up with is that if the conditions are too bad then it's human trafficking. In both case they "consent" to do labor, however human traffickees are often tricked into a more casino-like raw deal. In both cases, it's not uncommon to not be unable to quit the job. Source: I know a lot of migrant labourers

Is hexbear federated?
Is federated? They seem very active but when I search for a community hosted there on a different server it doesn't show up?

Please, give us your feedback about the possibility of a new mobile Fediverse app
I made a post about this [here]( Please, comment there or here. Thank you.

What’s the appeal of the PoliticalCompassMemes subreddit?
Their politics are all over the place, mostly right-wing though, covered by irony.

Would you buy a t-shirt with a beehaw logo on it?
Was thinking about it. Read through t springs website and here's how it works. Teespring tldr: Spring’s fee is included in the base cost of the product. For example, if the ‘base cost’ of a t-shirt is $10 and you set the selling price as $24, you would keep $14 in profit. See product prices here. They take 10$ per item. Ex 20$ shirt, Beehaw gets 10$ teespring com gets 10$ The amount they take per item varies, depending what type of items They do a lot of different items. T-shirts, hoodies, stickers

Something I believe that is worth mentioning as far as engagement, activity on the fediverse -> high quality content
I've been using the web before it was the Internet that spawned outside of the university systems here in the US. I became a web developer and spent almost two decades in this field. There is one overarching aspect of websites that keeps people coming back and engaged. Namely, high quality content. The search engine algorithms are written to find it. The humans that use the Internet want it.

What does Lemmy have that Reddit doesn’t?
What makes Lemmy superior to reddit? Give me your reason

how’s your week going, Beehaw
currently sick with what i believe is a sinus infection that came on suddenly yesterday—very irritating to say the least

how’s your week going, Beehaw
this week has been pretty for me, but productive; i'm two books ahead of my reading schedule (to read 35 books this year--i'm at 12) and managed to just gun through a 500 page book in a day or so after weeks of not wanting to read

Magicians as Characters
How would you write magicians? Would you describe their tricks? Would you reveal the tricks? Please do link any literature with magicians as characters. Thank you :)

Gg ez, the communists, fascists and ancaps will never be able to survive their own phones and laptops bringing liberalism/democracy to their households It's actually left liberal, but the joke is that lemmyml considers us liberals so they'll eat up the title hopefully

Beeper, a unified chat application, is now free
A little over a year ago I was fortunate to make it onto the beta testing team for Beeper. TL;DR Beeper is a unified chat application (i.e. all major chat applications, including SMS, in one app). Beeper recently announced that their basic service is now free However, they will be slowly working their way through a wait list. The convenience of this service can't be understated. Also, encrypted services such as Signal are supported. Just go to and click the 'Get started' button to join the wait list.

Come up with a system where blockchain is useful for communism
cross-posted from: > I tried and was drawing blanks

Romanian reddit alternative

Theoretical, what can individuals do against weapon manufacturers like Lockheed Martin?
For things like Samsung, can just not buy their phones as a drop in the ocean, which is better than nothing. But afaik, some weapon manufacturers don't make consumer products Yeah there's the obvious stuff like writing letters to local rep or participating in like antisamsung protests ( happens in S. Korea)

What’s your favorite sublemmy and why?
cross-posted from: > As a "mean girls" zealot, mine is > > [Lore/drama](/c/

also if you wear top left with all black skinny clothes and turtleneck you'll be a special kind of hipster.

Paradox of tolerance: if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventual
Every community should understand this. I think we do a pretty good job here, but there are a number of other communities that don't.

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