Make Something Month: Gauging Interest
Hi y'all! I wanted to put out some feelers to see if people on here would be interested in doing a Make Something Month. It's kind of like [National Novel Writing Month]( (NaNoWriMo) only the thing you make doesn't have to be a novel, it can be anything you want! I am also thinking it will be different by having it be in October instead of November because November can be a pretty busy month, especially for people in the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving. If you want to participate, I am thinking the format will center on a few posts that someone (probably me) makes throughout the month for people to share their progress. At the beginning of the month, this will include figuring out who all is participating and what their goals are. Then update posts follow approximately weekly. A few days after the end of the month, to allow people last minute finishing touches and time to figure out how best to showcase their work, there would be a showcase post where everyone can talk about their finished products. I have participated in this a few times before in other communities and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to see if others here at Beehaw would be interested too. Feel free to share ideas for how to run the event, or ideas that you might want to work on as a participant!

In 5ish years I have never managed to get ublock origin to block ads on Anyone else? Also anyone know an easy way to watch twitch without ads?
Across 3 computers and like 5 phones. ios, macOS, windows OS, ubuntu, mint, a few other linuxes, android. I used to watch without ads, but that doesn't work anymore?

Kurzgezagt's meetup is harder than I thought
Last time, [I posted Kurzgezagt's meetup ideas]( I joined the group in my local area and we had a blasting offline meeting. The week after, several people and I played online party game such as Gartic Phone and Card Against Humanity. From what I know, they're most probably around the early years of university, but their "humorous" behaviors would be just like the ugly sides of Reddit. I'm talking about Amogus, a certain member of the group constantly being refered to, 9/11, and dicks - excessively (I like dicks but nothing like putting them on every single drawing of Gartic Phone). And occasional homophobic remarks. That's just borderline toxic, and if it weren't for the older people that I met last week, I would've quited the server. Definitelt didn't expected that coming from a science-based channel. I even questioned myself, "was I that kinda asshole during my undergrad?". Or am I missing the Gen-Z's meta-ironic humors? I don't know if it's because I'm relatively older or I'm a non-native or whatever. For the older group, I felt a bit hard following the convos and their contents are serious most of the time. It's just heart breaking sometimes when you don't really get along well with any age brackets. 😥

A friend of mine (80+ female) has never been introduced to a desktop PC before. I'd like to make the adoption as easy as possible, so the best choice in my opinion is to start with simple games to orient her with the mouse/keyboard. Any good videogames suitable for seniors?

You can't control what you can't control, but you can control what you can control. No matter how small it is.
This is an advice my "new" friend just gave me last night, which is also previously implied by the mental health team handling me but didn't really hit well. Another one he gave me was "you cannot expect different outcomes from same inputs" (ignoring minor randomness). I was in the middle of a lot of difficult issues, and it really feels like an endless circle between "I am fearing for my life and do not have a future" and "I am too stressed to do basically anything productive". I think his advice might be just the right thing to break that cycle. An ugly truth I need to acknowledge is that I do not have any good friends, not because I don't have any, but because they seem to have fundamental principle difference that affect how we support one another. Non-judgements and lack of money-orientation are currently the top criteria of friendship I am looking for, and from networking attempts, it seems that the communities that have similar interests with me (i.e. STEM) just do not intersect a lot with these traits. I will be reducing my Beehaw usage now, focusing on what I can do to change things on my local area instead. Thank you guys for all the interactions we have so far.

Most cishet would prefer to date an AI girlfriend rather than a real one?
Listening to what I hear cishet men talking about irl, this seems true, but I'm interested in your take. If you haven't seen the movie, Joy doesn't do any of the things cishet men commonly complain about, and basically only does things they say they like. I'm not saying cishet women are better lol, but I've yet to bump into an AI husbando movie, but if you know one let me know lol.

When should a person not refer to people as friends?
Basically, if I just met a random person and an actual friend comes by, I always introduce the rando as "my friend namehere". This started as an attempt to try to exude interpersonal warmth to help with networking by trying to get the rando to like me as a person.

how are we doing this month, Beehaw
as [somewhat belatedly promised]( what are you up to, what do you intend to be up to this month, how are things going generally?

Change my view: the primary function of normie social media is business rather than friends
**I'm not talking about you, dear fedizens** Fedizens are [built differently]( :p normie social media; fb, instagram, linkedin etc I mean business in a loose sense of the word, but not always to generate a profit. Ex personal branding - marketting yourself a defacto product. Ex; linkedin as a whole. Instagram/fb being the pinnacles of a persons existence, being fundamentally 'look at how cool i am'. I'm not counting IM messenger programs like discord or matrix or sms as social medias or phone apps like the 1900s era telephone. Obv i message/call my mom a lot. Pseudo/Anonymous social medias like reddit/4chan etc are also different that say facebook, and i'm not talking about them either. I've noticed that when trying to use social media for networking irl, it's god awful for that. But when i'm using it for business/marketing, it goes better.

Where is the line between keeping space nice / comfy for everyone and abusing your power to shut people who argue with you?

Compulsive updating Youtube playlists, should I remove them?
I am currently having two playlists, one being [Elevator Music]( and one about liked videos. I found myself updating and re-arranging the playlists constantly, like taking up hours during days (then I realized I also did the same with many things: Reddit upvoted posts, Spotify, notes, mobile apps, maybe more). Then I found [this post]( which seems to suggest that this is an OCD behavior (which I didn't really expect, I thought I was just having a really low discipline level). I feel I should stop this by deleting them, but it feels very difficult since (1) I might want to see it in the future, (2) I want people to know about my public playlists. I am currently in the process of getting mental health support in an unrelated area, and this feels really embarassing to talk about. Particularly for (2), is there any way to channel this? Thank you

Is anyone else's fav matrix feature reactions?
In comparison to IRC, msn and other boomer tech Instant messengers, I'm here for the vaguely inappropriate reaction emojis.

I'll be attending my female friend's wedding in a week and I'm sick of looking at posh china which literally noone will ever use. What would you want to receive as a gift for your wedding?

Why have local instance under performed? Also, remedies?
Example;,, It seems like a no brainer that midwesters, canadian and australians would sign up at those instances respectively, but instead they end up not there.

What's your favorite federated instance?
I asked this question on some time ago, but like to get to know what you think over here : )

Do any of you have a personal website? Any that you recommend checking out?
I've been looking for some personal websites to follow on my feed reader, thought I'd ask people here!

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