Children of Men (2006)
What a wonderful movie for a wonderful story. This is a dystopia, but not your typical, mass-produced totalitarian cesspool movies. This dystopia is, according to Mark Fisher, “specific to late capitalism.” When humans stopped giving birth, the world as we know it fell into disarray and chaos. What interested me was the numerous ways the last people coped with this collapse: there was the religious/spiritual repenting and Christian revelaation stuff, there was the revolutionnaries engaging in activities deemed "terroristic" and there was the nihilism of the elite. Late capitalism was tacitly enmeshed into the film, showing those advertisements of platonic figures all over the place, and concealing the implicit totalitarianism hidden behind apparently democratic institutions.

I have watched dozens of thru-hike videos over the years and this is one of the best ones. One person documenting and producing without all of the unnecessary fluff is a breathe of fresh air. A great way to spend your time winding down for the evening.

Incredibly hilarious series from Joe Santagato. This is one of my favorites.

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