> Mark your calendars: The Steam Summer Sale will be offering sizzling savings on all sorts of games from June 23rd at 10am PT to July 7th (also at 10am PT).

Sadness but it is a Xbox + Bethesda Showcase so any talk about a PSX version wont be happening. Have been keen to give 3 a thrash (not the portable version)

Finally getting around to giving this a thrash. Enjoying it a lot - as a straight continuation it extends the first making use of the much improved hardware (algae in the water!) The death that kicked things off was well done I'm keen to see where things go.

I was just thinking about how I would love to see a continuation of this. Only played as a ps plus title and it wasn’t until my third attempt that I was into it, but looking at the scores of 5/6.5 out of 10 I don’t get the hate. It did not blow my mind but not many AAA games do these days. I

Fourth highest selling console ever. Nintendo having two of the top four slots.

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