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![]( Image description: Post by tumblr user bananonbinary, which says: literally we need to get rid of the stigma of questioning once and for all. call yourself gay. call yourself ace. call yourself a lesbian today and a nonbinary bi trans man tomorrow. its fine. literally no community has ever been harmed by someone thinking that label might apply to them and then discarding it later. anyone who says otherwise is drinking the exclusionary kool-aid and isn’t worth the time it would take to argue with them. End of image description. Link to original post:

> After a Senate effort to limit opportunities for transgender athletes stalled last year, state Republicans found a new vehicle: the state budget. […] If the transgender athlete provision makes it into the final budget passed by both chambers, Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could intervene. The governor can declare measures within budget proposals unconstitutional or unenforceable as Whitmer did last year with provisions related to mask and vaccine orders.

Recommend some queer webcomics
I used to be super into webcomics through high school and college, as a way to access queer stories. Recently, I watched the TV adaptation of the webcomic *Heartstopper* and started using an RSS feed reader again, and suddenly I have an urge to dive back in. If anyone can recommend some well-written webcomics featuring queer characters – *especially queer characters of color* – I would greatly appreciate it. I won’t mind if they aren’t still updated. I remember [Piperka](, so I’ll go through their index of webcomics too.

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