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One of my hobbies is helping out music fans by finding old recordings and 'remastering' them. I've used the quotes there because I'm, technically, not remastering since that would require me to have the original source material. Thus, most of the time, that original material is out of reach and I have to use the closest to the source as possible. I've done a lot of work for the hardcore [Smiths]( fans from the UK. I, also, oversee the [R.E.M. Archive YouTube channel](

Shameless Self-Promo: Elevator Music (YouTube Playlist)
Song list: * Kenny G - The Moment * Dave Koz - Together Again * Dave Koz - Know You by Heart * Lawson Rollins - Bluewave Bossanova * David Foster - Love, Look What You've Done to Me * John Williams - Cavatina * Kevin Kern - Sundial Dream * Juan Luis Guerra - Bachata Rosa * Michael Buble - You and I * thepostfk - Refreshing elevator music (i.e. Chris Rae - Liquid Latin) * Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba * Spongebob Music: Happy Jose (elevator music) * Spongebob Music: Coconut Cocktail * The Sims 2 Soundtrack: Show Me the Way * The Sims Soundtrack: Building Mode 2 * Riverworn - Backing Tracks

Bo Burned_Ham at it again, ladies and gents

You never know if it works until you try P.S. This is a joke, if you have suicidal thoughts please gather your energy to seek a therapy

Bullies: The Story of Our Times by Trevor Moore Comedic song about present day internet culture

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