i may be very naïve, but i genuinely have no idea what Reddit atheism is and how it differs from atheism in general

  • A personal philosophy whose main tenet is “be annoying”.

    Annoy people who follow religions, regardless if they’re minding their own business or if they’re actually doing harm.

    Annoy other atheists for random bullshit.

    Basically, annoying people is its own reward. The point is to convince yourself you’re superior to other peeps.

    Though the RAYTHEIST community is no longer what it used to be. Most of the big names that kept it alive were absorbed into larger movements, mostly political ones. We now know them as “debate-bros”. There’s leftist debate-bros, rightist debate-bros, centrist debate-bros…

      • Simply asking for sources doth not a debatebro make.

        There’s a certain smarmy attitude paired with self-importance that makes a debatebro.

        To be like, proper debatebro you have to be stalking people and demanding they debate you based on a statement they made days ago. You have to be sneering and asking for a source when they say that water is wet, even though water being wet is such a common piece of knowledge that the onus of proof should be on the one disagreeing. Shid like that.