Generative AI is Disruptive, But More Copyright Isn’t the Answer.
Public Knowledge promotes freedom of expression, an open internet, and access to affordable communications tools and creative works. We work to shape policy.

If we lose the right to freely use and enjoy creative works, we open the way for a new world of extreme commercialization where artists must pay for the privilege to create, and people find the costs and barriers to information and culture rising ever upwards. Let’s embrace this opportunity for change presented by Generative AI and transform traditional economic structures to ensure prosperity, and lower the barriers to enjoying the fruits of our diverse and vibrant shared culture.


just in general, i think we need to strongly consider reductions to copyright term lengths and the scope of what even can be copyrighted. artists being paid shouldn’t come with the downside of “basically all of the human cultural work you grow up with being unable to be substantially remixed or adapted in a new way during your lifetime”. there’s stuff which is older than any living human which is still under copyright, which is absurdist

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