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In May 2021, I thought «hey, I really need to write an article on how you need two women in your org, not just one». This was for an esports organisation, in a field where we were struggling to reach 5-6% women, the organisation itself having fewer than 10 people. Having one woman was pretty progressive and cool at the time; and here I was, thinking «I can’t do this alone». And then I burned out and quit the game and never wrote the blog post.

  •  dax   ( ) 
    24 months ago

    I think you need way more than two women in your org. You need a strong plurality of women throughout all levels of leadership, you need a strong plurality of women across your individual contributor population, and you need to ensure they are empowered the exact same way the men throughout your organization are empowered.

    Anything else is going to lead to burn-out, as invisible walls get slammed into and agency is subverted while responsibility and culpability are maintained. Diversity and Inclusion require meaningful participation; it cannot just be lip service meant to evoke a false sense of progress.