• “I think people tend to separate the idea of a worker and the idea of a queer person,” Landers said. “They think of those as two very separate identities, and I think it’s important to understand that the vast majority of queer people are workers … and the issues that we face in workplaces as workers are stemming from the same system as the issues that we face as queer people.”

    This is spot on. We have a more difficult time just getting jobs, let alone moving up.

    • A perfect example of how a rising tide raises all ships. Helping those in marginalized communities is more than use the right thing to do it helps everyone. We all feel the same problems just some of us feel it more acute

  • Hopefully this is showing how supporting any marginalized community will help everyone. These groups typically feel whatever negative effects more acutely but it effects us all. Labor unions and LGBTQ rights are a natural allies and I am glad there is cross support. This is especially true for Rainbow Capitalisms since it just an acute example of fake charity, superficial changes and general exploitation of customers and workers.

    Any organization of people is a powerful force. Even more when they join forces together. The queer community really shows that even if some communities or interests are small but we are powerful together