It has resolved itself but I saw someone else had the same issue (on the Beehaw Discord), so I thought it may happen again. I hope this helps in diagnosing the problem.

Between about 9:40 AM Eastern and 9:44 AM on 2022-08-15, I got the message on the page tried to open and the main page of

404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site

I don’t think it was a browser or extension problem since I was able to view Beehaw on my phone just fine but here’s the info just in case.

I primarily use Firefox on desktop (Windows 10), but I immediately tried a private Firefox tab and both Edge and Chrome (no extensions). The private tab, Edge, and Chrome said:

404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site? reason: Unexpected end of JSON input

I use an Android phone and Beehaw was fine on both Firefox and Bromite using my phone’s data/not wifi. I was signed in to my Beehaw account on the desktop Firefox but not on any of the other browsers.

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