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PCM rules announcement, admins yet again require PoliticalCompassMemes mods to step up and cull hateful language from their subreddit
I'm putting this in LGBTQ as a proxy for action for Social Progressivism in general. From the post: >We have been contacted by the admins. It is necessary that we request you tone back your language and make a shift away from certain types of memes. It is necessary for the survival of the subreddit and preservation of our culture open to all funny colors. > Edit: This mostly is nothing new, this is simply a reminder that rule 3 exists due to continuing rule breaking content and a warning from admins They put 2 lists in the main post and pinned comment respectively listing the various slurs or bigoted insinuations PCM users will "result in removals or possibly a ban", featuring basically every type of bigotry except misogyny and anti-native prejudice, with anti-ziganism only being implied in the main post. I think everyone who's known about PCM for more than 2 months will agree little will change (it's been too late for that for at least 2 years now), but I figured I'd put this here anyway.