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Didn’t watch the video, but going by the thumbnail, “not leaving your least developed areas/poorest people behind to suffer” is nowhere near Communism. Any Social Democrat can do that, hell, Joe Biden can do that.

Orbital lifetime of satellites in Low Earth Orbit
A neat (and presumably pretty old by the site design) article about how long satellites will last in Low Earth Orbits with varying eccentricity and perigees alongside satellites with different amounts of drag, alongside explaining the various forces that cause this orbital decay. It also highlights how setting the lower boundary of space at ~100 kms is, while not an entirely arbitrary decision with stuff like the Karman Line, where a plane would need to travel at orbital speed to achieve lift, is fairly deceptive for actual satellites, which according to the article won't last more than a few weeks below 250 kms. Wikipedia cites an estimate that Sputnik which orbited Earth at an orbit with a 215 km perigee and a 939 km apogee lasted 2 months in orbit. There are also charts of orbital decay for the ISS ([Graph 1](https://i.stack.imgur.com/0nNSt.png), [Graph 2](https://i.stack.imgur.com/f8p3G.png)) and of Tiangong-1 ([Graph 1, specific dates](https://ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S246889671930120X-gr4.jpg), [Graph 2, Apogee and Perigee](https://ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S246889671930120X-gr3.jpg)) >The following table provides a very rough guide to the lifetime of an object in a circular or near circular orbit at various altitudes. >| Satellite Altitude | Lifetime | >|:----|----:| >| 200 km | 1 day | >| 300 km | 1 month | >| 400 km | 1 year | >| 500 km | 10 years | >| 700 km | 100 years | >| 900 km | 1000 years |

They alleged corporations are people, maybe they’ll say SPOT’s (the Boston Dynamic bot) are legally people too.

PCM rules announcement, admins yet again require PoliticalCompassMemes mods to step up and cull hateful language from their subreddit
I'm putting this in LGBTQ as a proxy for action for Social Progressivism in general. From the post: >We have been contacted by the admins. It is necessary that we request you tone back your language and make a shift away from certain types of memes. It is necessary for the survival of the subreddit and preservation of our culture open to all funny colors. > Edit: This mostly is nothing new, this is simply a reminder that rule 3 exists due to continuing rule breaking content and a warning from admins They put 2 lists in the main post and pinned comment respectively listing the various slurs or bigoted insinuations PCM users will "result in removals or possibly a ban", featuring basically every type of bigotry except misogyny and anti-native prejudice, with anti-ziganism only being implied in the main post. I think everyone who's known about PCM for more than 2 months will agree little will change (it's been too late for that for at least 2 years now), but I figured I'd put this here anyway.