• you don’t need to selfhost your own server if you don’t what or you can’t.

    It’s not that I wouldn’t want to or that I can’t; I’m sure I would be able to figure it out after reading some documentation. I have some very basic experience coding a Node.js server as well as other general-purpose coding experience, so I could probably figure it out eventually.

    My main thing about hosting is that I’m not sure I would need to host my own instance because, at least in my head, the kinds of things that hosting my own instance would enable me to do I wouldn’t necessarily need since I’m just trying to create my own space for people to chat.

    Although, I do enjoy the whole compartmentalizing part of Discord where I can go to one space to talk about movies, another to talk about music, and another for my D&D group to have our role-play and other session-related things. Is there a way to achieve something similar in Matrix?

    it has puppeting for Discord.

    That sounds really cool! I’ll definitely have to look into that tomorrow when it’s not almost midnight. Also since this is for my content creation, I set limits for myself for how much I work to try and maintain some kind of work-life balance and I’ve kind of already hit today’s limit.

      • I have actually downloaded Element and started to play around with it, but the only communities I found to join were pretty empty, only flooded with join/leave messages, and I didn’t necessarily see the platform being used well (at least in my opinion, I will fully admit that I could be wrong there). It’s possible I just have the wrong community. I’m going to go try and find a lemmy or FOSS related community over there to join. I feel like something under those two would be more active.