I’m tired of my parents being so religious. U can’t come out and I’m tired of it. They drag me to a church that actively hates us and get pissed I don’t like it. If I was put this would be worse probably. My mental health is going down the drain too. I literally just cut myself and I’m scared they will see the bandage. It just hurts that I can’t be bi at all and I’m probably going to have to go deeper in the closet if I don’t kill myself. I’m sorry I’m dumping all my problems idk where to go

  • I could try get into music. Good idea I just don’t know why I keep going. I’m 14 so even if I move out early I have at least 6 more yrs. The only reasons I had to live are my siblings and uo until June my now ex. Don’t know why I keep going. And now mh dumbass weakened my arm I can’t do much with it