I’m tired of my parents being so religious. U can’t come out and I’m tired of it. They drag me to a church that actively hates us and get pissed I don’t like it. If I was put this would be worse probably. My mental health is going down the drain too. I literally just cut myself and I’m scared they will see the bandage. It just hurts that I can’t be bi at all and I’m probably going to have to go deeper in the closet if I don’t kill myself. I’m sorry I’m dumping all my problems idk where to go

  •  edgewater   ( @edgewater@beehaw.org ) 
    5 months ago

    im sorry you’re going through this baby. i cut up my arm pretty bad too once when i was a little older than you for similar reasons :(

    the biggest risk to your arm from cutting is nerve or connective tissue damage. do you have any numbness or tingling? do you have full range of motion in your fingers and wrist? can you stretch your fingers all the way out wide and then make a fist? i know testing all this hurts, but if you’re capable of doing all that and you’re not experiencing freaky nerve pain in your hand, you’re probably going to be ok long term.

    keep the wound clean and dry the best you can. you can apply vitamin e or scar cream too it when it’s more healed to reduce scaring.