I’m tired of my parents being so religious. U can’t come out and I’m tired of it. They drag me to a church that actively hates us and get pissed I don’t like it. If I was put this would be worse probably. My mental health is going down the drain too. I literally just cut myself and I’m scared they will see the bandage. It just hurts that I can’t be bi at all and I’m probably going to have to go deeper in the closet if I don’t kill myself. I’m sorry I’m dumping all my problems idk where to go

  • Yeah, I’m scared of the future too. My downward spiral started in June when my now ex left me. He was everything to me. He was what got me through the month we knew each other. All I have left are my 2 younger siblings and its not like I can open up to them either they are too going to understand.

    I wouldn’t say my parents are abusive but I’m just tired of the shouting and high expectations. Everything I do is a problem for them.