Animals are awesome! They can communicate and form social bonds, while plants are just, well, plants. Animals can move, hunt, and play, making them more dynamic and interesting than plants that just sit there. Sure, plants are cool and provide us with oxygen, but animals are just on another level. If you ask me, animals are definitely better than plants!

who said plants can’t communicate too?

Whoever downvoted this doesn’t understand plants and their interactions at all.

In a world without plants nearly all animals die. In a world without animals some plants don’t reproduce.

Things just are

plants were here first


Can an animal create sugar from sunlight and carbon dioxide?

Can an animal live for hundreds of years while towering over everything else

Animals are better at running, swimming, and playing piano.

Plants are better at blossoming and photosynthesis.

Yup. Each is better at what it is good at. Neither is, strictly speaking, better than the other.

A lichen-covered sloth has entered the chat.

animals eat plants

Helix 🧬

Plants save our planet while humans are animals and destroy it. Therefore, they are superior to animals. Q.e.d.

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