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Thanks to your post, I installed Steam and tried the demo. I’m going to have to figure out a think with my keyboard, b/c it isn’t playing nicely with the game, but I’m pretty excited.

I haven’t been interested in, or played, a resource management game in years; Factorio looks like it could be dangerously adictive.

Thanks for the videos!

Yes it’s highly addictive!! Figuring out all the ratios and quirks is pretty hard at the start and feels amazing when you make it work.

Btw it can be installed without steam as well, they sell it on their website. Also this game is never on sale xD

I was playing a cracked version for months and I bought it because I wanted mod support. Once you mastered the vanilla game there is are a couple of very cool modpacks out there! Krastorio 2 being my favorite.

Sweet! It isn’t too expensive. Thanks again!

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