• If instance A is connected to instance B, and instance B is connected to instance C, then it is highly likely that instances A and C are connected. But, beware: it is possible that instance A has defederated instance C (for reasons of moderation or incompatibility between the two instances: for example, an instance A of a religious nature and an instance C of a pornographic nature; or a 'instance of intelligent people and an instance of the US trash right). In this case, the two instances A and C will not be able to communicate with each other.

  • I don’t see the answer to the question I think you’re askin and I want to know the answer to so I will rephrase. Please correct it if this isn’t what you’re asking.

    If I am on instance A and we federate with B but not C and B and C are federated, does instance C content show up on A if only posted on C. I assume A and C users can interact with each other and on any content posted on B but neither can interact with content posted on the other instance. Is that right?

      • Lemmy servers don’t need to connect to each other to work together. You can always search for a Lemmy link on your server and it will get the post or sub, so you can comment and like and sub etc.

        On mastodon someone from your server (or you) needs to follow a person for their toots to arrive at your server. You also can search for a link to a toot by them and your server will look up their profile etc so you can follow them. Boosts work as you would expect, someone you follow boosts something from a person c on another server, but you see this toot since you follow the person that was boosting it.