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You’re right. I mostly do a search before posting but I probably forgot to do that in this case. Also seeing that renowned journalists making these mistakes that could easily have been avoided with just a little bit of research is worrying.

Thanks for the link. I suppose the article is geo-blocked because I can read it completely here in the Netherlands.

Here’s who helped Elon Musk buy Twitter
Who pulls the financial strings at Twitter? These are Musk’s backers

This Musk guy sure knows how to make good soap operas.

This sudden spike seems kind of suspicious. From the comments that I’m reading on the Fediverse two explanations stand out. First explanation is that the Twitter bots are moving to Mastodon. The second is that reports have surfaced that lots of Twitter employees are quitting because of Twitter 2.0 and that this initiates a new Twitter migration to Mastodon.

That’s definitely a concern. Both the Mastodon software project and Mastodon gGmbH with the mastodon.social and mastodon.online instances rely very heavily on Eugen.

Last year, donations to the nonprofit that runs Mastodon and where Rochko is CEO totaled 55,000 euros; it spent only 23,000 euros.

This is a bit misleading. These financials were from june-december 2021. It also doesn’t include the donations to and spendings on all other instances, developers etc of the Fediverse.

That could easily have been avoided by doing even a little bit of research. Not great from the author. This way the idea that Mastodon and the Fediverse are one and the same is becoming are very established (and perhaps dangerous) misconception.

I think that fediverse.party is a pretty good guide to the Fediverse. It’s also free and open source so anyone can join building it (https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fediparty). An official guide seems impossible to me since there is no official authority of the Fediverse.

I have absolutely no expertise in this area but could it be explained by the fact that Rust is (potentially) much faster than Ruby?

Agreed but I also read a message directed to us, the less high profile people that are on large instances. To stop centralization we can decide to move to another, smaller instance. This could be either a Mastodon instance or something like e.g Pleroma or Friendica. This could be either self-hosted or a trust worthy person that owns an existing instance that suits us. Do this in large enough numbers and decentralization will be guaranteed. BTW: here is a link to a list of Mastodon instances and their number of users and statuses: https://instances.social/list

Great, my phone just lighted up with Mastodon messages. We’re back. The name of that bot is @mastodonusercount@bitcoinhackers.org

Not at this moment. My main Mastodon account is on Fosstodon which is still down and I need that because I can’t recall the name of the bot that produces these charts on Mastodon.

I just saw that Fosstodon, one of the larger instances is down for two hours to move the database to a another server.

What worries me is that a lot of people from Twitter come to Mastodon for the wrong reasons. They are looking for a Twitter alternative that is free (as in free beer) and does the same as Twitter. And although Mastodon on the surface might look the same as Twitter it’s community is very different consisting of a diverse group of people that understand the philosophy of the Fediverse.

In all honesty I suspect that the majority of people that migrated from Twitter will leave within a couple of weeks. With that the problem solves itself. The same happened back in April when the news arrived that Musk wanted to buy Twitter.

I agree, apparently a place for everyone is left-leaning nowadays.

Couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t bare to see Mastodon turn into Twitter with all the toxic comments and negativity.