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This is the kind of game design I want to be doing

Tbh this was one of my first thoughts while reading this

Ah yes, the old “I’m going down with my sinking ship and I want to take everyone with me” mentality

I’m continually reminded by a tumblr post I saw about companies passing a threshold prior to which customers will grumble about what they don’t like about a service but will pay for it anyway and after which customers will refuse to continue to pay for the service even if the company retracts the changes that pushed it past the threshold.

I think it’s more that you won’t necessarily avoid starting wars with them, but you won’t want to start wars with them

I second this one noting CGPGrey’s video about how having Wednesday as an off day is a good idea

I have several Reddit accounts, all for several reasons. I still somewhat interact with the site but I mostly just use it to view stuff and aggregate all of the communities I actually want to see content from. Plus I’m just lazy and haven’t seen an actual reason to delete my account(s).

Agreed, people should credit artists whose ideas they use. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and the protection I was talking about was for instances in which people don’t credit the artist.

I mean as someone who’s part of the music industry (or at the very least makes music semi-professionally and releases it myself using DistroKid), I’ve had to get involved with learning about IP rights and honestly I think they’re kind of ridiculous. Like how Mickey Mouse is only now just about to go into public domain (until Disney has their say and lobbies for the laws to get changed again). It’s all ridiculous. While I do think that there needs to be some kind of protection for people claiming to have created something that they did not, I think the current state of copyright is just there to cover the asses of corporations and doesn’t really pay attention to the individual (like most laws in the U.S. unfortunately)

This reminds me of the sentiment that I heard described relatively recently and also, if I’m being honest, believed at the time before coming out to myself a little over a year ago which is that getting same-sex marriage rights at the federal level (which itself is being challenged by a few states if my memory serves me right) fixed everything. Like “yay! We got them the right to marry who they want now! Homophobia is over! There can’t possibly be any more issues that the queer community could possibly face that could possibly need addressing.”


It also reminds me of how my own mother (who I’m out to and at the very least accepts me on paper) thought that the whole thing about how gay men can’t give blood isn’t a thing anymore when it definitely still is and while it’s likely that this isn’t causing the current shortage of blood donations, it’s likely that the regulations targeting men who have sex with men are contributing to it.

The above paragraph has a trigger warning for


mentions of blood


Oooo! I’ll definitely have to look into this tomorrow as it is already past midnight and I need sleep.

I’ll definitely have to check out Cinny especially I very much dislike the UI of Element after my roughly 30 minutes of trying to use it last night.

I’ll also take a bigger look at Revolt as well. I’ve heard that there are Bridge bits for Discord and Matrix that offer puppeting, is there something like that for Revolt?

I have actually downloaded Element and started to play around with it, but the only communities I found to join were pretty empty, only flooded with join/leave messages, and I didn’t necessarily see the platform being used well (at least in my opinion, I will fully admit that I could be wrong there). It’s possible I just have the wrong community. I’m going to go try and find a lemmy or FOSS related community over there to join. I feel like something under those two would be more active.

you don’t need to selfhost your own server if you don’t what or you can’t.

It’s not that I wouldn’t want to or that I can’t; I’m sure I would be able to figure it out after reading some documentation. I have some very basic experience coding a Node.js server as well as other general-purpose coding experience, so I could probably figure it out eventually.

My main thing about hosting is that I’m not sure I would need to host my own instance because, at least in my head, the kinds of things that hosting my own instance would enable me to do I wouldn’t necessarily need since I’m just trying to create my own space for people to chat.

Although, I do enjoy the whole compartmentalizing part of Discord where I can go to one space to talk about movies, another to talk about music, and another for my D&D group to have our role-play and other session-related things. Is there a way to achieve something similar in Matrix?

it has puppeting for Discord.

That sounds really cool! I’ll definitely have to look into that tomorrow when it’s not almost midnight. Also since this is for my content creation, I set limits for myself for how much I work to try and maintain some kind of work-life balance and I’ve kind of already hit today’s limit.

Discord Server != real server

Sorry about that, my apologies. I’ve been using Discord for like 6 years so I’ve gotten used to the terminology surrounding the platform.

I could looking into using a Bridge bot…I’d wonder about self-hosting my own instance. I don’t necessarily need to host my own instance of Matrix, right? I suppose there are certain things that hosting my own instance of Matrix would allow me to do, I’m just not currently in the right mind to come up with those. Neither do I really have the experience with server hosting as I said before.

Fair. I’m just unsure about how well they would take to wanting to move to Matrix. Also I have the issue of my own Discord server set up for my content creation. I’m not sure what I would do about that personally. I link to it from my other social media pages (that reminds me, I should link my Beacons page on Mastodon) and could ostensibly do something similar with a Matrix server (I don’t personally have any experience doing server management, but I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to figuring it out with my Computer Science minor).

Is there something that is FLOSS, federated, E2EE, and would be user friendly like Discord is such that my friends would be willing to switch to it?

Oh definitely.

It’s also just a shitty electron wrapper around a webpage, which I have FeelingsTM about.

I also dislike this as well from OP. I mean there is Matrix but it definitely doesn’t have the widespread popularity and ubiquitous nature of Discord. Then also I remember seeing a post somewhere wondering if Matrix is E2EE (which I remember it saying mostly but I don’t remember exactly where it was or possibly wasn’t).

I would be open to moving my own Discord server off of Discord and onto something like Matrix but the problem is that so many people use Discord that they’re going to look at my link collection and when they don’t see Discord next to Twitter, Instagram, etc. they’re not going to be able to connect with me. It goes back to that ubiquitous nature of Discord; a ton of people use it and know about it now, way beyond the gaming circles that you would expect to use Discord.

I don’t know if there is an answer to this issue at the moment.

Excuse me for not knowing, I’m quite new to the Fediverse and FOSS, but what alternatives are there?

Yeah, I would love for Discord to be more open sourced. Unfortunately there really isn’t an open-sourced alternative out there for Discord like how Lemmy is an alternative to Reddit and Mastodon to Twitter and Pixelfed to Instagram.

Yeah, I would love something like the fediverse that is analogous of Discord as I would absolutely move to it in a heartbeat. But alas

My name is Cass, my quest is to get a job more stable than my content creation, and my favorite color is TARDIS blue.

I do! I mostly read fiction myself. I’ve taken to reading things like the Percy Jackson series (both Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus; I still need to read the Magnus Chase Archives and the Kane Chronicles), Pendragon, Eragon, Fablehaven, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and its sequel A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, the Ender’s Game series, and many others.

I am currently reading the non-fiction book The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green, essays about various facets of the human experience (including such essays as Super Mario Kart, Diet Dr Pepper, and Haley’s Comet), as well as fiction book The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu, a fictional story about the real sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and how she composed music and also created a fantastical, magical world. It’s a very interesting read so far (I’m about half-way through), especially for someone who was, at least for the first six years of their life, classically trained on the piano and learned much about all of the classical composers like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and others.

If it’s the Swedish countryside, I’d take that over whatever the US has going on these days

That’s fair, Corporate website are always annoying to look at and also just in terms of capitalism have also just gotten worse (or better depending on how you look at it). I do like the accessibility that’s been offered to those looking to get into the web space with Web2.0 where we can host something like Lemmy or I can make my own website with GitHub pages and pay for a domain hosting. But I think where Web3.0 differs from this viewpoint is that now you get to monetize everything. Including the ability to host on your site. So like it feels like on paper (and if you remove capitalism from the picture and also like find a way to make things energy-efficient), Web3.0 could work and could be nice, new innovation. But just like life, capitalism seems to find a way.

Tbh I’ve been kind of turned off of Web3.0, mostly because of the Metaverse stuff that’s been going on (well, that and the crypto talk). Like I would love the internet to improve and get better as Web1.0 did when it moved to our current Web2.0 but now that I’m seeing Web2.0 prepare to move into Web3.0, I’m just seeing capitalism. Like it’s just capitalism all the way down.

I mean my parents could just be paying for all of our Apple Music accounts but there’s also the family sharing thing they’ve (Apple) got going on

My family has an Apple Music family subscription so I use that subscription to listen to music. Either that or YouTube videos. But more often than not I listen on Apple Music.