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China refused to allow envoy to visit Uyghur region, Turkish Foreign Minister says
Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has revealed that China has refused to allow the Turkish ambassador to visit the Uyghur region in the north-western Xinjiang province. Meanwhile, the United Nations’ Human Rights Council found that mass detentions in Xinjiang were marked by torture, sexual violence, forced labour, and forced abortions and sterilisations.

"The institution of policing is one that has a deep history of racial control. You’re not absolved of that just because you are a Black officer", a UC Berkeley researcher says.

The fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys only urban populations for the consumer price index makes assessing rural inflation much more difficult – it may even be masking a rural-urban inflation gap, researchers say.

There’s a lot wrong with the police in the US that has to be corrected, but to destroy it?

And, yes, a judicial police independent from the government and any political party and lobbying group is crucial.

I’d agree with @jabberati here that ChatGPT is not (yet?) a threat to software engineers. Although these tools are impressive, they appear to produce inefficient (though not necessarily incorrect) code. This means that you still need human coders when you want to build something really complex. Having that said, I’m wondering whether this tech has the potential to make a programmer’s work a bit easier.

One year has passed since a panel of ordinary citizens in the U.K. declared a genocide to be unfolding in the Uyghur homeland, but much of the world still has to act on its implications.

After three years of lockdowns, the country was ill prepared for its abrupt ‘freedom’. Now, with some estimating 1m deaths, public anger is growing.

I was not aware of this. They have similar investment vehicles in Europe, though.

The Musk Foundation received a gift of Tesla shares valued at $5.7 billion from Elon Musk at the end of 2021, Bloomberg News reports. This made the charity instantly one of the largest foundations in the United States, with $9.4 billion in assets.

There have been no problems so far with books available in schools. And even if there were such problems, the solution can’t be to ban all books by default, at least not in a free society. What comes next? Do parents have to ask the government what they are allowed to teach their children?

Something like that opens the door to a paternalistic state where those in power decide what should be read and what is considered “wrong”.

Yes, I should have been more careful in formulating my post. What I meant is that I feel there is a tendency to centrally control the societies across the world and limit individual freedom (e.g., the chat control they currently discuss in the EU, abortion ban in the US, and a lot more developments).

But there’s clearly much difference in the “western” lifestyle compared to other regions whose peoples live under extremely oppressive regimes. So I agree, my statement was not fair. I stand corrected.

The disappearances – arrests and detentions mostly of young women – are drawing criticism and condemnation from various human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Georgia police are invoking a 2017 terrorism law against activists accused of little more than trespassing.

Recognizing and demarcating Indigenous lands leads to reduced deforestation and increased reforestation, according to a new study that looked at more than 100 Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Here is the study: https://academic.oup.com/pnasnexus/article/2/1/pgac287/7005261?login=false

That’s really devastating. Things like that make me increasingly feel that there’s no difference between political administrations in so-called “western” countries like the US and those in China or Iran. Sometimes we all appear to be on the road to autocracy.

"The ensuing conversations about the role of monarchy and especially the way the British Empire profited at the expense (and death) of indigenous peoples across the world really opened my eyes", says Cumming who was awarded the OBE - 'Officer of the Order of the British Empire' - in 2009 as part of the Queen's birthday honours list.

Ciba-Geigy Chemical Corp., the town's largest employer, has been flushing chemicals into the Toms River and the Atlantic Ocean, burying 47,000 drums of toxic waste in the ground. This created a plume of polluted water that has spread beyond the site into residential neighborhoods.

Yes, it’s also mentioned in the article. I found it interesting as it gives some background information on Brazil and the circumstances to those who don’t know the country well (such as me).

Severe malnutrition and disease are decimating the Yanomami population in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and on Jan. 20 the federal government declared a public health emergency. It didn’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the circumstances, who have issued warnings for several years.

After receiving advertising payments from Novo Nordisk, CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a 13-minute promotion of Wegovy, the Novo Nordisk weight loss drug, during its Jan. 1 broadcast, making it appear to be a news story. The segment violates the FDA’s “fair balance” requirement for ads, according to a complaint filed today by the Physicians Committee, a nonprofit public health advocacy organization.

'I can't afford to spend any more time here, I don't have the money', says the man whose leg was shattered by the gunfire. The man's mother and son are "worried he's going to lose his job at a warehouse the next day unless he can go back to work."

New guidelines tighten longstanding restrictions, threatening to make it even harder for Palestinians in the West Bank, who already face severe Israeli-imposed movement restrictions, to be with family members who lack a West Bank ID and to engage with foreign students, academics, experts, and others.

The species' precipitous population decline has continued year after year. Scientists recently estimated that only 340 North Atlantic right whales remain, including just 70 reproductive females that give birth every three to 10 years.

Women are being targeted by new forms of harassment including online violence, verbal abuse on social media and pornography with “barbaric” content, it said.

The Indian government seeks to block a BBC documentary examining the role of the prime minister, Narendra Modi, during riots in the western state of Gujarat in 2002. Modi has been haunted for decades by allegations of complicity in the violence.

A very small step in the right direction. Would be great if, though, if other countries would follow. China, US, Australia, …

On Matrix (as suggested already) there is a room called “Redecentralize” with some competent people imho.

As for a privacy-respecting website builder, you may consider b2evolution, although their themes could be better.

Register an account and click “Make a contribution” (although you don’t). You should receive an email confirming that you successfully booked a ticket. (The only thing I don’t understand is that a site like opencollective.com is using Cloudflare if I may say so.)

is it creating more racism than diamonds extraction in africa or oil extraction in lands which previously were property of indian people?

It may not be worse than what they do in mining diamonds and other stuff, but it’s racism and therefore bad enough I would say.