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ha nice! I stumbled upon their stuff by chance. He was doing a 20hr stream or something crazy… and I was hooked.

A mix of straight stealing via the main two trackers and also usenet or bandcamp – it depends on the band. With classic records I am picky when it comes to pressing, so bandcamp and other not-legal avenues aren’t always the best option.

The two trackers are great and its pretty easy to maintain a good ratio with a home connection. Usenet doesn’t have as much music, but its really nice since there’s no seeding or any of that ‘gotta keep it around’ business.

Check out Desert Heart Records if you aren’t already into them. When Lee Reynolds is on, its solid gold!

I use Foobar2000 on my HTPC and also the FB2K iOS app, which is great, but not perfect. Everything is FLAC (16/44 for the most part).

I also have Spotify, but I only really use it for alarms – mostly their mixes, which are pretty good for the most part.