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They are more pro EU than the Tories.

I don’t think they would move to re-join the EU though, they would probably just negotiate a better trade deal for the UK and align the UK closer with EU regulations.

Found this on the Reddit thread:

More realistic (but still glorious) Electoral Calculus:

LAB: 498 (+296)

CON: 61 (-304)

SNP: 36 (-12)

LDM: 29 (+18)

PLC: 4 (=)

Others: 2 (+2)

GRN: 1 (=)

NI: 18

Labour Majority of 346

If you live in the UK please consider signing the petition calling for an early general election: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/619781

I like the horizontal tabs in edge, you can’t really get that with an other browser either (extensions dont have quite the same functionality).

putin was put in by western oligarchs, he’s a capitalist, he’s not reinstating the soviet union

He was put in place by Russian oligarchs.

russia is not imperialist, and has not been since the end of tsarist russia

Russia under putin has extended it’s territory though military force. The definition of imperialism.

the guardian is a mouth piece for western weapons manufacturers and war hawks. it’s owned by a billionaire.

they have contracts with mi6 and the pentagon and other western nationalist security agencies

I doubt that seeing as they have published the bigest west intelligence security leaks in the last 30 years at least (i.e. the Snowden leaks and much of wikileaks stuff).

Hopefully they will ‘decide not to contest’ more territory soon.

The significance is that Ukraine recaptured land in days that took Russia months.

This has shown that Ukraine is able to leverage superior weapons, moral and intelligence to achieve large gains.

Or do you believe this is what Russia wants and is all part of a plan?

I don’t think it is a trap.

Ukraine has been shown to have consistently better intelligence throught this war. They are likely to be able to asses a bad situation and get out first.

One example of when they did this is in Lysychansk.

I remember watching this video when it first came out. RealLifeLore has now made a new video with corrections since the original.


They did try (if it actually was them). Dugin is a (maybe the) leading fascist.