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In depth demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnIgnS8Susg

These are good points. In general I think it is good to increase bus frequency everywhere.

However I do still think that we should prioritise adding bus services to try and maximize usage (and stop as many car journeys as possible). Population density is definitely a factor here but (as you pointed out) so are other things like car usage in the area.

Two objective things that I can think of where cargo bikes might be better:

  1. If you want to go backwards (e.g. if you are on a narrow path or have parked your bike). Reversing anything with a trailer is more difficult so cargo hikes have an advantage here.
  2. Busy or narrow places. It is harder to be aware of a trailer as it is behind you while cargo bikes often have the cargo in front of the rider.

I’ve never used one but I imagine they have better balance and manoeuvrebility than adding a trailer

I guess one of the main problems is that in some cases suburbia doesn’t have the population density for bus services to be cost affective (buses should be subsidised but cost is still a factor). Even if everyone in suburbia stopped driving this would still be a problem.

One solution is to have some sort of local transport hub where there are more frequent bus services as well as facilities to store bikes/scooters. This would probably only work well if you have cycle path infrastructure linking suburbia to these transport hubs. There will probably still need to be buses going to suburbia for people who can’t bike/scooter to the transport hubs.

In my small local city there is a train station with decent connections to other larger cities.

The problem is that the main bus stop is near the high street, about 5-10 minuets walk away from the train station. This makes it much harder to catch buses too/from the train station.

I don’t know sorry.

I think it just has the same themes as Lemmy.ml

One thing that might work is if you have an android phone with Dracula theme and use the jerboa app.

Jerboa should pick up the colour scheme from your phone (at least it does for me)

Yeah they have actually been working on migrating back to a using a more current Lemmy version for a while now (around a year). But this post is making it look like it is actually close to happening.

Would you like to tell me how can I have Dracula theme specifically?

I’m not really sure, the people who run your instance would need to add it. You could run your own instance and add it yourself (this repo has some examples of custom ui themes: https://github.com/2xx04/lemmy-ui-themes).

P.S. BTW, I saw your response on Mastodon and it seems to be don’t support embed images via Markdown from Lemmy’s

Yes federation with mastodon/pleroma isn’t perfect right now. I believe the devs are working on it.

Some more progress with hexbear moving to LemmyNet
(they are looking for people to help with infrastructure so might be worth letting them know if you can help with that)

I am really liking jerboa, especially how it is following my device theme 😀. Thank you for your work on this.

Lemmy vs reddit


The biggest difference is (and will likely always be) that LemmyNet instances are federated using activity pub. This means that posts, content and comments are shared across different activity pub instances.

For example I have seen your post and am commenting from the beehaw instance even though you are using the Lemmy.ml instance.

Lemmy is able to federate with mastodon and pleroma so you will see comments from there occasionally too.

The main benefit of this (IMO) is that users don’t get locked in to a website (e.g. facebook, Instagram, reddit) where they will lose content if they leave.


You can change your theme in settings, but there is not a huge amount of variety, mainly it is colour changes.

The lemmy front end is seperate to the back end so it would be possible to create a more reddit like front end if you wanted to. For example nutomic has creates a bulletin board - like front end for Lemmy that looks like this:

There is an android app for Lemmy called jerboa that has a more reddit like UI that you might want to check out (you can find it on f-droid or the play store).

other differences

Text posts and comments on Lemmy are just markdown so you can do things like embed images (as you can see above).


Other differences worth mentioning is the difference in content. Lemmy has less content than reddit although I think there is a sustainable number of users currently. More users will join soon when hexbear (a site that uses fork of an older version of Lemmy) migrates to join Lemmy net. It is also likely that some people will migrate from reddit when reddit ipo’s.

You might also want to check out the jerboa app on Google play (it is an app for browsing Lemmy that was made by one of the main Lemmy Devs)

Yes, I have been having this problem too

Edit: Using the latest version on Google play instea did fdroid fixed it

Yeah same, it looks like they actually added it a while ago, but I only discovered this when they (re) posted the blog on mastodon today

Zlib is the best. The main site has been taken down though so you will need to use the darkweb site.

This reddit thread says the onion link is: http://zlibrary24tuxziyiyfr7zd46ytefdqbqd2axkmxm4o5374ptpc52fad.onion/

I’m not too sure sorry, I haven’t really used it much other than testing it out when I found out a about it.

I would imagine you have less control over specific Tor settings, but I am not 100% sure.

I don’t trust brave but it does have features out of the box that no other browser has:

  • web torrents
  • Tor in private tabs

Mask Network Acquires Pawoo.net, one of the largest Mastodon instances
Mask Network Acquires Pawoo.net, one of the largest Mastodon instances

It seems to be mainly tech companies firing people right now. How this happened:

  1. Tech companies get lots of money (especially over the pandemic) and hire lots of people, with more attractive benefits than other companies can afford.
  2. Market conditions change, there is less money floating around to invest in tech companies.
  3. Tech companies are making less money and getting less investment.
  4. Tech companies need to cut expenses (the largest expense for these companies is usually staff.
  5. Other companies still need staff and are still hiring.

First, I don’t have a bias towards Russia. I think Russia is generally as bad as the west

I never see you condemn Russia or China for anything. You spend all your time on here defending/denying the existence of any faults in Russia and China.

Most people on LemmyNet (excluding LemmyGrad) will condemn Western countries as well as Russia/China.

I honestly believe you either have mental problems or are part of a state-run astroturfing operation.

Mastodon has been growing fast over the last week. 3-4 data ago it had 1m monthly active users. You can see that there has been loads of sign ups since then so that number is probably higher now.

They have decided not to contest’ this territory, it’s very simple 😂

Here is his profile: @stephenfry@mastodonapp.uk

Just for anyone who doesn’t already know, the Sun is a very nasty tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch. It will often out a xenophobic spin on stories and is best avoided: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sun_Hillsborough_disaster_coverage

I have been using mastodon a lot lately. Reading through lots of introduction posts.

Lots of the new people are academics and eager to learn the new system (although maybe this means mostly academic type people will sign up).

It feels like a really positive step for the internet in general. Even though there are some issues with scaling it seems to be holding up fairly well.

The current influx probably won’t last.

I think Mastadon has hit a bit of a critical mass recently. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there is continued sustainable growth.

They are more pro EU than the Tories.

I don’t think they would move to re-join the EU though, they would probably just negotiate a better trade deal for the UK and align the UK closer with EU regulations.

Found this on the Reddit thread:

More realistic (but still glorious) Electoral Calculus:

LAB: 498 (+296)

CON: 61 (-304)

SNP: 36 (-12)

LDM: 29 (+18)

PLC: 4 (=)

Others: 2 (+2)

GRN: 1 (=)

NI: 18

Labour Majority of 346

toTechnologyThe truth

I like the horizontal tabs in edge, you can’t really get that with an other browser either (extensions dont have quite the same functionality).

putin was put in by western oligarchs, he’s a capitalist, he’s not reinstating the soviet union

He was put in place by Russian oligarchs.

russia is not imperialist, and has not been since the end of tsarist russia

Russia under putin has extended it’s territory though military force. The definition of imperialism.

the guardian is a mouth piece for western weapons manufacturers and war hawks. it’s owned by a billionaire.

they have contracts with mi6 and the pentagon and other western nationalist security agencies

I doubt that seeing as they have published the bigest west intelligence security leaks in the last 30 years at least (i.e. the Snowden leaks and much of wikileaks stuff).

Hopefully they will ‘decide not to contest’ more territory soon.

The significance is that Ukraine recaptured land in days that took Russia months.

This has shown that Ukraine is able to leverage superior weapons, moral and intelligence to achieve large gains.

Or do you believe this is what Russia wants and is all part of a plan?

I don’t think it is a trap.

Ukraine has been shown to have consistently better intelligence throught this war. They are likely to be able to asses a bad situation and get out first.

One example of when they did this is in Lysychansk.

I remember watching this video when it first came out. RealLifeLore has now made a new video with corrections since the original.