Activists say they would never make such a deal with Musk.

Twitter shut down its communications department and could not be reached for comment


Quelle surprise. But Musk hasn’t really messed up much, yet. Twitter has always been extremely uncommunicative.


Other than being a swamp of data collection, manipulation, and propaganda what is there to talk about Twitter?

I really don’t understand why people are so upset now. Marketing (sorry, Social Tech Media) Giants are not to be trusted whatever mogul or oligarh is in power.

As a person who never used Twitter, because of the incoherent, choppy content was posted there, not to speak about the privacy concerns, I don’t see any reason why Twitter is radically worse with Musk than it was with its previous owners.

People don’t need social media at all, at least not in that format.

@verzyanim @Greenpepper I found the tweet character limitation too constraining and only suitable for political sound bytes or the use of pre-defined labels. It’s impossible to discuss complex issues with that limitation. Mastodon is far better.

Yeah he’s a shit just like all the rest. The difference is that he’s also a narcissist, so he is making more people aware of what people like him are really like.

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