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CommonMark matures into Djot
New markup language based on CommonMark's learned lessons

I get that everyone’s imagining the most apocalyptic scenario right now: that Telegram shared all the messages of all members with timestamps, device IDs, phone numbers, geolocation etc

However, the case to be made that Telegram could simply invite the IT auditor in contact with authorities to their office and show her that in fact the company stores very little information; the information which does not change the legal case they’re involved in. Therefore, in this case they might have provided the information about presence or absence of the user data without actually sending said data. That way formally they have complied with the ruling but the user data have never left the office.

The same way you can send the headers of a data pipeline without actually sending any data.

The fact the company complied with the ruling to disclose the absence of information doesn’t necessarily mean they shared the users data.

Of course, this scenario is just my speculation and the company will have to present transparent and verifiable explanation. Yes, the situation looks bad but at the moment of writing, there’s still some wiggle room left.

The same is true for nearly all social spaces. Even when you’re meant to derive entertainment, there’s always the “incorrect” ways of doing it. Of course there are reasons for that tho

In society you’re allowed to experience your own ways of doing things only in specialized places – claiming and securing those specialized spaces is exactly the subject of privacy movements. I wish the author would allure to that

Conservatives wanna be proud of their own country and tacitly push the idea that other countries are worse in some sense 🤷

It’s unfortunate but it happens. It takes a lot proximity and trust to change one’s perspective on life, so it is probably not going to happen in public online spaces

It may be unnecessary but I feel someone gotta be a cap and say that this is your personal imaginary scenario

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Maybe after the current crisis the tribunal could investigate and monitor the terror of other nations as well. Although, not without some push from electorate

!remindmebot remind me when this is all over

The lyrics are from a song "Superman" by Lazlo Bane

It’s actually pretty useful thing to do. You can boost your own content on Mastodon, expanding its reach

Boosting your own content on Mastodon also helps promote Lemmy instances as people go check out the instance and realize that it’s actually a Lemmy one

Unfortunately I can’t see my own posts from Mastodon for some reason and many of the Lemmy posts come with the delay of days or even weeks

Internet is a stage and netizens are actors on it. Emotion triggering behaviour brings viewership online and makes one isolated offline. The more clickbaity your personality is, the more your content is shared online. Offline you’d be called lunatic and harassed for the same stuff

Yes, we gotta see some breakdown what instance those users are registered in. So far (last day or so), I see lots of accounts of moderate size from twitter creating an account on mastodon “in case twitter dies”

7 million registered users! 💖

Good points all around, ol’ chap. You made me think that those corporate instances might have unique features enabled by proprietary modules and bots + unlimited storage for attached media. To counter that, I suppose Mastodon should make a clause in their license prohibiting to run their software for profit

Registering on defederated non-intranet instance just to receive news about only X company seems kinda silly tho

Great shame for US which at some point gotta be dug out from under the rug and approached with humility like post-WWII Germany did

By moderation of course. Wolfballs is a “free speech” land, while beehaw nurtures community to be more positive or/and sincere

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