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“new year, new me”
- the 'rona

I dunno, getting control of the biggest instance that many people still treat as the default choice when joining instead of creating their own probably makes it a tiny bit easier to kickstart things. according to mastodon.social’s stats displayed on its main page, there are 192k active users which according to my math is more than 0 users on a new instance. almost two hundred thousand accounts you can datamine and eventually start displaying ads to - and probably at some point discconnect from the rest of the Fediverse and turn into its own thing, the way companies like to do when they embrace open standards. and all of this would be way easier if you owned the Mastodon trademark that most people are familiar with (and which for many people is basically the entire Fediverse, the same way how for people in some poor countries Facebook is basically the internet).

oh neat. I’m definitely more enthusiastic about it than when Vivaldi started one.

someone made a nice URL shortener that works around the block for now: https://spacekaren.sucks

One of the Overture site FAQs asks about OpenStreetMap and its relationship to Overture: “Overture is a data-centric map project, not a community of individual map editors. Therefore, Overture is intended to be complementary to OSM. We combine OSM with other sources to produce new open map data sets. Overture data will be available for use by the OpenStreetMap community under compatible open data licenses. Overture members are encouraged to contribute to OSM directly.”

now THAT’S the way to do it!

“Even now, my dream car is definitely a Tesla,” Sweeney said.

honey no

In this Tuscan town, some cooks have rediscovered the energy-saving cooking box, a tool their grandparents used during World War II. An enterprising nonprofit here is producing useful — and stylish — insulating boxes that use less gas than traditional Italian cooking.

But this is intentional, by the scientists

so was the event commemorated in an award-winning documentary Jurassic Park.

that very much depends on your email provider. while it works in Gmail and ProtonMail, it doesn’t on Tutanota. just double check before you start using it.

also some websites don’t support the + sign in an email field, and others have apparently learned to ignore it and everything that comes after it. something like Anonaddy/Simple Login/Mozilla Relay would probably be more likely to work. they generate a unique, random e-mail address that you sign up with, and then forward the emails to your main inbox. but then again, some services don’t accept emails from their default domains as valid/safe.

yeah, as long as they don’t back out of it in a few years.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Nvidia over a component in its RTX 4090 cards which has been melting for some owners.

The part in questions is believed to be the 12VVHPWR power adadpters, which Nvidia claims it is still investigating the issue, nearly a month after the first cases of melting power adapters were reported by owners.

oh wait, actual meltdowns?!

I love how happy he looks.

the instance I’m on keeps parping out on me today, so I definitely do notice it.

given that some outlets conflate Mastodon with the Fediverse, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s the main service where the uptick is noticeable. people probably won’t start signing up to Pixelfed en masse while Instagram is still there.

The web interface also looks slightly different, matching the project’s current purple logo and color scheme, and changing the “Toot” button to “Publish.”

in this episode of Twitter's dumpster fire, a $8 verification fee makes Eli Lilly lose more than $8 in value.

How private are Android keyboards?
I stumbled across this paper analyzing different kinds of data collected by two most popular Android keyboard apps: Gboard and Swiftkey, as well as FOSS AnySoftKeyboard.

Removing SMS support from Signal Android (soon)
I get the reasoning behind the decision, and the developers have mentioned on Signal forums a few times over the past few years that the SMS part is a legacy feature that they don't actively maintain, but for someone like me who used Signal as their SMS client to reduce the number of apps on my phone, it's still quite sad to see.