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so far it only seems that it affects burner accounts that people have made specifically to use with Aurora.

you’re about as likely to be required to do either in your everyday life - especially as a kid.

recently a coworker said something about how there are those funny videos online of kids who don’t know how to properly insert a VHS tape into a player!!11!

I told him he didn’t know how to use a telegraph and Morse code, either.

this is your brain on Youtube subscriptions

I haven’t been watching that many videos recently, so the slowdowns haven’t been really affecting me much, but when piped.video doesn’t load anything at times, I temporarily switch to il.ax, only because the name’s short and easy to remember (:

some good resources listed over here: https://calckey.social/notes/9el0v5d2do

I’ve been using Piped and LibreTube for quite a while (and Invidious and Newpipe before that for an even longer while) and they’re great.

well, you can already plug a keyboard, a mouse and an external display into a Steam Deck and have a fully fledged desktop environment.

I’m on call today, so I technically have a 4 day week with tomorrow being my day off, but today’s 24 hours long.

something about their comment history makes me think they’re about to say RT

Geometric Weather is great, and my weather app of choice as well. it’s just a shame that the developer seems to be pushing updates and changed in huge chunks with long periods if inactivity inbetween - probably because of them living behind the Great Firewall.

Using the same road with different cars isn’t really analogous to federation

they all use the same protocol (AsphaltPub), and you don’t have to drive a Tesla to interact with (get rear-ended by) one. QED.

5 unexpected ways to use ChatGPT to answer your Tinder match’s ChatGPT pickup lines

The only place where people understand it is e-mail

and mobile and internet carriers. and using the same roads with different car brands and kinds of vehicles.

Beginning June 1, paywall to be removed from Time.com and its archival content from the last 100 years

I just cannot understand why so many projects decide to make it the main means of communicating with users and providing tech support.

it’s really annoying. for people gaming on Linux systems there’s this genius project called ProtonGE, a customized version of Valve’s Proton that lets you played Windows games with some additional enhancements over Valve’s version. there’s a Github page that hosts the code and releases, but the readme file says that if you have any issues, you have to contact the developer on Discord. like… why? the issue tracker is literally right there, viewable for everyone without having to create an account. how’s a glorified instant messenger better at tracking issues than the interface that’s been specifically made for that purpose?!

“I’m sorry, as an AI engine I have no experience of being a lost orphan”

1. now _that's_ a useful ChatGPT application; 2. of course it's hecking Skyrim.

I’ve been using Reddit less and less over the past few months, but if they won’t let me access it using Infinity or Sync, I’m probably out for good.

it’s also (pleasantly) surprising to me that they’re still keeping old reddit around.


They say that usage of third party apps is increasing over time

I guess more people are starting to realize how much of hot garbage the official client is. good.

They raised the question of what would happen if such apps became the majority,

oh you mean the way it used to be for years before they’ve released the pile of steaming shit that incidentally doubles as a reddit browser?

it’s hard to move away from the bajillions of !bangs, though :/

no, Infinity is written from scratch and fully open source. all Vanced apps are modifications of the official, closed source clients.

no ads and more customizability. last time I checked (and I’ve been checking multiple times over the years), the official client didn’t even let me change the post and comment font size, which is by default too small for me. at the same time, I don’t need huge-ass cards for every post and switch view to just post title with small thumbnails. I can sort subreddits I follow the way I want to, with the ones I visit most frequently on top of my list. I can add labels next to usernames with notes about the users. when I’m writing a post, there are buttons that help with quick markdown formatting. the comment section has got colorful depth markers so it’s easier to keep track of the chains. even the UI integrates better with the rest of my OS. in comparison to that, the official app is a crippled mess that is only good enough when all you do is scroll through auto-playing gifs and videos, and it doesn’t even support some of the native reddit features (like opening categories of your saved posts - a reddit gold Premium feature) that the third party clients do.

there already are Revanced patches for the official reddit app, although even without the ads it doesn’t hold a candle to the third party clients.

ugh but how are they going to survive those BORING government meetings about laws and stuff without them

eh, the outage would have to last several days at least for that. a few years go it’d parp out like that on a regular basis.

from the Play Store screenshots, it looks like it still sorts messages from different services into different tabs, doesn’t it?

I miss Disa. it uses to let you use SMS, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp (and I think Telegram?), and you could merge conversations at will, which means that you could get all messages from a contact in one conversation view, regardless of the service it came through.

I’m not going to jump through hoops in order to throw my money at a company that doesn’t want it, even if it’s Mozilla. I’m trying DuckDuckGo’s free service and will reevaluate if/when Relay becomes available in my region.

if only the subscription was available worldwide. I guess Mozilla just doesn’t want my money.

In this Tuscan town, some cooks have rediscovered the energy-saving cooking box, a tool their grandparents used during World War II. An enterprising nonprofit here is producing useful — and stylish — insulating boxes that use less gas than traditional Italian cooking.

in this episode of Twitter's dumpster fire, a $8 verification fee makes Eli Lilly lose more than $8 in value.

How private are Android keyboards?
I stumbled across this paper analyzing different kinds of data collected by two most popular Android keyboard apps: Gboard and Swiftkey, as well as FOSS AnySoftKeyboard.

Removing SMS support from Signal Android (soon)
I get the reasoning behind the decision, and the developers have mentioned on Signal forums a few times over the past few years that the SMS part is a legacy feature that they don't actively maintain, but for someone like me who used Signal as their SMS client to reduce the number of apps on my phone, it's still quite sad to see.