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If the vast majority of people believed the earth is called gazorp that would absolutely suddenly make it so.

Ludum Dare has a 21 day category this time.

You can nominally self host it but outside of the web interface the apps can’t even connect to selfhosted servers and I was shot down when I suggested that it should be able to.

How would they obtain this information without the Russian airforce disclosing it?

These apps are being developed specifically as means of onboarding new users to mastodon from the app store ecosystem’s “foot traffic”. It makes sense for them to want a limited pool of users for beta to ensure the apps are well polished before the intended audience of less technically inclined people unfamiliar with mastodon use them. How you obtain the pool of beta testers is probably not overly important, using an invite system for example would probably result in largely the same group of insiders who are likely to be patreon supporters having access anyway.

I see discord’s business model is still burning cash trying to be the next slack steam zoom reddit