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there are apparently a lot of horror stories coming out of this one, including several cases of organ removal at the extreme ends of things. the reddit threads on this incident are pretty catastrophic and shocking read throughs

a skeletal form of IE lives on in microsoft edge, but for the most part IE has and will be put out to pasture for good in the next year or so:

Microsoft will start rolling out a new prompt over the coming months that redirect those still using Internet Explorer over to Microsoft Edge. Eventually, Internet Explorer will be permanently disabled as part of a future Windows update. You can read more about how Microsoft is handling the removal of Internet Explorer in Windows right here.

While Microsoft has moved to its Chromium-powered Edge as the default browser on Windows 11, the MSHTML engine that powers Internet Explorer is still part of Windows 11. It exists purely for IE mode in Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft says it will support IE mode in Edge through at least 2029.

this is particularly funny after the blatantly false fearmongering of wind and solar being the reason the texas grid melted down in february 2021

probably because of manufactured concerns about crime/homelessness, which is usually the justification for restricting bathroom access in public

of particular note here is new wet-bulb research which suggests that a wet-bulb temperature of 31°C (88°F) is sufficient to be fatal for most people in the right circumstances, a threshold significantly lower than the 35°C (95°F) mark where humans cease to be capable of dispelling heat from their bodies:

However, experiments show that a wet-bulb temperature considerably lower—near 31 degrees Celsius (88°F)—is likely fatal for young, healthy people. A 2022 study, Evaluating the 35°C wet-bulb temperature adaptability threshold for young, healthy subjects, had participants swallow a tiny radio telemetry device encased in a capsule that measured their core temperature while performing tasks mimicking basic activities of daily life, until they could no longer maintain their core temperature without overheating. The experiment found that young, healthy adults could not survive extended exposure to wet-bulb temperatures of 30-31 degrees Celsius (86-88°F) in humid environments, and 25-28 degrees Celsius (77-82°F) in hotter, dryer environments (see the paper’s press release, and Figure 2).

we’ve already seen wet-bulbs above the 35°C mark before, so the lower mark is of concern, and parts of india and pakistan hit that mark in a few places during this latest heat wave.

During the hottest portions of the day at the peak of last week’s heat wave, April 29-30, wet-bulb temperatures in northwestern India and eastern Pakistan regularly exceeded the critical threshold for young, healthy adults identified in the study. For example, at 12Z April 30 (Figure 3), the ambient temperature at Nawabshah, Pakistan, was 46 Celsius, and peaked at 47.4 degrees Celsius. At that those temperatures, the critical wet-bulb temperature is 27-28 degrees Celsius; the observed wet-bulb temperature was two degrees higher: 29-30 degrees Celsius. Coastal regions of India near the megacities of Kolkata and Mumbai had wet-bulb temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius on multiple days of the heat wave.

crypto in general has been nosediving these past few days and hasn’t recovered from the last big crash, and in no small part thanks to that the industry is also seeing huge layoffs. the future!

interesting–any idea what this “suspicious incident” was currently?

US-americans seem to be so stressed atm, so afraid.

you probably would be too if every public place could become a shooting gallery because of the lack of federal legislation on guns, but that legislation also has to pass a designed-to-fail legislative branch!

a good barb–unfortunately this would mostly make it impossible for the few parts of the federal government which actually do nominally function (like the ones which deal with social security) to meaningfully operate anymore, rather than just landing in the parts of the federal government which are already clusterfucks

The Federal Reserve chairman did concede that “these wages are to some extent being eaten up by inflation.” But Powell blamed that rising inflation on increasing wages[…]

absolutely insane thing to say, and a demonstration of how (intentionally or otherwise) out of touch with reality basically the entire finance world is from top to bottom. so glad we have these people making the big decisions on the economy!

one would hope! it would be legitimately unbearable if we mostly exited one pandemic (which has become heavily politicized to the point that meaningful action to tackle it is impossible now), only to roll right into another pandemic

unfortunately, rezoning is a thing which is difficult to achieve and constantly fought against, so it’s unlikely massive movement in this respect will happen across america, but this is yet another novel weapon in the arsenal of densifying american cities.

this is an astronomical number of people to put in prison for such a small country (El Salvador has a population of about 7 million) and makes the country the new leader in % of adult population behind bars–the previous leader was, unsurprisingly, the US

some choice quotes about this factory, which to be perfectly clear would create 7,500 jobs for the state of georgia:

“It’s a woke California company whose mission is to turn the world green,” Perdue said this month while stumping with local activists trying to stop the plant. “They aren’t interested in this part of the country. They just want to make money off of us.”

Vernon Jones, the Trump-backed candidate in a crowded Republican primary for the area’s open congressional seat, wrote on Facebook that Rivian is “a company whose corporate attitude is seemingly inconsistent with Georgia values.” He pointed to the company’s vaccine mandate for employees and its “large focus on diversity & inclusion; including transgender benefits.”

“Sherman and his troops destroyed our community. Now this supposedly green company is coming to destroy it again,” said JoEllen Artz, the president of the grassroots No2Rivian group, which says it has raised over $250,000 and hired Atlanta lawyers to help wage their battle. “We want to keep it just like it is.”

just, incredible

this is a major boost to australia’s efforts to combat climate change, as the country has gotten significantly more left-wing even outside of the incumbent government being voted out. a number of the centrist independents elected this cycle explicitly ran on more ambitious promises of emissions reductions than what the center-left ALP is promising, which is wild

this article may shed some light on why everyone with even tangential credentials on youtube is getting in on covering this trial. (rather depressingly) it gets a ridiculous amount of eyes and can be an unbelievable moneymaker for people:

Peter Tragos, a 34-year-old civil lawyer and former state prosecutor from Florida, saw the Depp v. Heard trial as a rare opportunity to discuss and educate the public on his specialty, civil law. He provides live commentary and daily summaries of the trial via his YouTube channel, Lawyer You Know, which has more than 75,000 subscribers. “My YouTube account said I made $15,000 over the last 28 days,” Tragos reveals. […] Tragos claims he’s not motivated by money. “I love to explain how the civil process works, all the way from jury selection to calling witnesses and cross-examination,” says the lawyer, whose livestreams have gone from an average of 3,000 viewers per stream to more than 11,000 over the course of the trial, which began April 11. “Just explaining all that and talking to people that are interested is incredibly fun.”


YouTuber Emily D. Baker, a 44-year-old legal consultant based in Nashville, was drawn to the trial for similar reasons: It allowed her to use the knowledge she’d built up during her 10 years as a district attorney in California. […] Her stream of the trial hit a peak of 67,000 viewers on Thursday, May 5.

it’s insane the extent to which this crisis is essentially manufactured by the greed of one company. even basic maintenance would probably have stopped abbott’s factory from needing to be shut down for safety purposes, but instead they spent all that money on things like kickbacks.

depending on how you ask it, the “great replacement” conspiracy might even be a prevailing belief (in some form) in a number of countries: france, for example, where one poll found 61% agreed with it

this is one in a series of safety net policies passed by new mexico recently. back in march the state also passed an in-state tuition bill which basically allows residents of the state to go to college for free.